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Useful Indonesian Phrases:
  1. Asking Price
  2. Where Is the Bathroom?
  3. Asking Someone Out
  4. How to Say Get Well Soon
  5. How to Say What Are You Doing?
  6. How to Ask Name
  7. Can You Take My Picture?
  8. How to Say Please Call Me
  9. How to Say Can I Come In
  10. How to Say See You Tomorrow
  11. How to Say I Don't Understand
  12. How to Offer Help: Conversational Phrases You Need to Know
  13. How to Say Your Name in the Indonesian Language

Learn Bahasa Indonesia With TV Series

Learn Bahasa Indonesia Through Comics

  1. How to Count 1-10 In Bahasa Indonesia

  1. How to Say Good Morning In Bahasa Indonesia
  2. How to Say Good Afternoon In Bahasa Indonesia
  3. Selamat Sore In Bahasa Indonesia
  4. How to Say Good Evening In Bahasa Indonesia

Honorific Titles:
  1. Kakak
  2. Mba
  3. Mas
  4. Pak
  5. Ibu
  6. Jeng
  7. Mpok
  8. Nona
  9. Tuan

Words Meaning:
  1. Aku
  2. Alay
  3. Aja
  4. Ambis
  5. Amsyong
  6. Anjing
  7. Bangsat
  8. Baper
  9. Bawel
  10. Basi
  11. Beneran
  12. Bentar
  13. Berisik
  14. Bete
  15. Bokap
  16. Bujangan
  17. Bumpet
  18. Bunda
  19. Buruan
  20. Cabut
  21. Cakep
  22. Cemilan
  23. Cepetan
  24. Cuek
  25. Dengerin
  26. Eh
  27. Enyah
  28. Gabut
  29. Gaptek
  30. Gercep
  31. Gigit
  32. Gila
  33. Gue/Gua/Gw
  34. Gokil
  35. Gombal
  36. Halu
  37. He'eh
  38. Jadul
  39. Judes
  40. Jutek
  41. Kali
  42. Kampret
  43. Kecentilan
  44. Kegeeran
  45. Keles
  46. Kepedean
  47. Kepo
  48. Keren
  49. KW
  50. Labil
  51. Lebay
  52. Loe/Lo/Elo/Lu/Elu
  53. Males
  54. Mampus
  55. Manja
  56. Masa
  57. Narik
  58. Nembak
  59. Ngambek
  60. Ngebut
  61. Ngeh
  62. Ngejogrok
  63. Ngeles
  64. Ngintip
  65. Norak
  66. Nyeletuk
  67. Nyokap
  68. Nyolot
  69. PHP
  70. Receh
  71. Sange
  72. Sarapan
  73. Sebel
  74. Sih
  75. Sotoy
  76. Spada
  77. Spaneng
  78. Tengil
  79. Tumben
  80. Ogah
  81. Ogut
  82. O'on
  83. Yoi



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