Pengen Meaning In Indonesian

Meaning of Ngintip In Bahasa Indonesia

Halo, apa kabar? This time, I wanna talk to you about the meaning of [ngintip] in Bahasa Indonesia. We will also be going to watch a scene from an Indonesian movie, Tetangga Masa Gitu, that I took and uploaded in this article.

Meaning of Ngintip In Bahasa Indonesia

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So, let's talk about this word.

Ngintip In Bahasa Indonesia

The basic word for [ngintip] is [intip]. I just checked the meaning of this word in Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia and I found this one.

Intip Meaning

Let's see the meaning in that red box up there. If I translate this into English, the translation would be.
Try to look at something without everyone noticing.
You will hear ngintip a lot in daily conversation in Indonesia.

How to Pronounce Ngintip

I will first pronounce the basic word [intip]. Let's hear it down below.

Now, let's hear how to pronounce [ngintip].

Now, let's watch the scene from an Indonesian movie, Tetangga Masa Gitu.

Ngintip In a Movie Scene

Let's watch the scene below first and then I will explain it to you.

In this scene, Bastian took her wife to their new house and he said to her not to take a peek before he opened the blindfold. Below is the conversation from the scene with English translation.
Bastian: Diem ya, diem ya. (Stay still, okay?) 
Bintang: Oke. (Okay.) 
Bastian: Bentar ya, ngga boleh ngintip ya? Aku itung sampai 3, kamu baru boleh liat. 1.. 3.. Taraa.. (Just a sec, and please don’t take a peek. I will count until 3 and then you can see it. 1.. 3.. Tara..) 
Bintang: Yeah.. (Yeah..)
I think this is self-explanatory. You will understand just by reading the English translation and watching the scene above.

Example Sentences

As usual, I will give you 3 example sentences using this word [ngintip]. I will also use the other form of the basic word [intip].

First sentence.
Mengintip pekerjaan rumah (PR) seseorang itu bukanlah sesuatu yang baik, lho.
The English translation for this sentence is as follows.
It's not a good thing to take a peek at someone's homework.

Second sentence.
Loe dari tadi itu diintipin sama dia terus lho.
The English translation for this sentence is as follows.
Don't you know that he is looking at you all the time?

Third sentence.
Coba deh loe intip apa yang lagi dia kerjain.
The English translation for this sentence is as follows.
Why don't you take a peek at what he is doing right now?

I think this is a wrap and I hope that you can understand my explanation well. If you have any questions, just write down in the comment section. So, I'll talk to you soon. Bye now.