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Meaning of Kelewatan In Bahasa Indonesia

Halo semuanya, apa kabar? This time, I want to talk to you about the meaning of kelewatan in Bahasa Indonesia. As usual, we're gonna also watch a scene that I took from an Indonesia movie called Mimpi Metropolitan.

Meaning of Kelewatan In Bahasa Indonesia

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So, let's get started!

Kelewatan In Bahasa Indonesia

The basic word for this is [lewat], [lewat] in English means to pass. When you add the prefix [ke] and the suffix [an], then the meaning of this word changes.

When you're being [kelewatan] means that you have gone too far. You have crossed the line that should not be crossed.

It can also mean that you have already gone too far in the literal meaning. For example, I go by train and then I want to stop at the next stop, but apparently, I overslept so I pass that next stop. In this situation, you can also use this word. I will give you an example sentence later.

How to Pronounce Kelewatan

First, let's hear how to pronounce the basic word, that is [lewat]. I have recorded audio for this. So, let's hear it.

Next, we will hear how to pronounce the word [kelewatan] down below.

And now, let's watch a scene from a movie.

Kelewatan In a Movie Scene

Let's watch the scene from an Indonesian movie called Mimpi Metropolitan below.

For the transcript of the conversation that happened in that scene with English translation, you can read in my previous article, Meaning of Empat Mata In Bahasa Indonesia.

As you can see in the scene, Melanie thinks that Bambang has gone too far, by talking to Pipin asking her to leave. Melanie got angry and she directly talked to Bambang.

Next, I will give you example sentences to make you understand this word better.

Example Sentences

As usual, I will give you 3 example sentences using the word [kelewatan]. First example,
Kelakuan anak tersebut oleh si Bapak dianggap sudah kelewatan.
The English translation for this sentence is as follows.
The man thinks that this kid's behavior is intolerable.

Second example,
Loe kalau naik kereta jangan tidur deh, ntar bisa kelewatan pemberhentian berikutnya soalnya.
The English translation for this sentence is as follows.
Don't sleep when you're on a train, otherwise, you might pass the next stop.
This is the example as I mentioned earlier, that's different than the other examples. [Kelewatan] in here means that you have passed something.

Third example,
Omongan loe udah kelewatan, deh! Gue kan selama ini ngga pernah jelek-jelekin loe.
The English translations for these sentences are as follows.
What you said is intolerable! So far, I never talk bad about you.

I think this is a wrap. I hope you can understand what I have just explained to you in this article. That's all for now and I'll talk to you soon. Bye now.