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Paling Bisa Deh Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

Paling bisa deh is a phrase that you will hear in everyday conversation in Indonesia. We will watch a scene that I took from a movie called Tetangga Masa Gitu as we can see the screenshot from the movie that we'll watch later in this article below.

Paling Bisa Deh Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

Sometimes you will hear this phrase without the word "deh." The word "deh" in this phrase is just to emphasize.

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Let's get started!

Paling Bisa Deh

This phrase can't be translated word for word because the meaning will become weird.

If we want to translate this phrase word for word, [paling] means the most and [bisa] means can, and the word "deh" is kind of like a filler word. Its function is just to emphasize.

So if we translate this phrase word for word, then the translation would be,
The most can.
But the real meaning of [paling bisa] is,
Have a way with words.
Sometimes people abbreviate "paling bisa" into "palbis," so sometimes you will hear it as "palbis deh."

Now, let's watch a scene from a movie. In this scene, the husband took his wife to their new house. He wants to give some kind of surprises to his wife.

Below is the conversation in that scene with English translation.
Husband: Aku itung sampai 3 kamu baru boleh liat. (I will count until 3 and then you can open your eyes.) 
Wife: 1.. 3.. 
Husband: Taraa.. 
Wife: Yeah.. Tapi kenapa mataku harus pake ditutup segala sih? Kan aku udah sering ke sini. (Yeah.. But why did I have to close my eyes? I’ve been here quite often.) 
Husband: Oh.. hehe.. Biar kaya di film-film, sayang. (Oh.. hehe.. So that it is like in the movie, honey.) 
Wife: Oh, gitu? Kalau gitu, "Yeah, Bastian aku senang banget sama rumah baru kita!" Oh, give me a hug. (Oh, is that why you’re doing it? Then, “Yeah, Bastian I really love our new house!” Oh, give me a hug.) 
Husband: Tapi, aku lebih senengnya sama kamu. (But, I love you much better than this house.) 
Wife: Ah, kamu! Paling bisa deh! (Ah, you! You have a way with words!) 
Husband: I love you istriku! (I love you, my wife!)
In that conversation, "itung" is "hitung," but in every day's conversation, we usually not pronounce the letter "h." Also, with the word "senang," sometimes we just write it down as "seneng." It is the same. So, if you find varieties of writings of these words, you don't get confused.

You can also see in that scene the word "sih." I've already written an article explaining the meaning of the word "sih." You can read the explanation in my article titled The Meaning of Sih In Bahasa Indonesia.

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You can see when his wife was saying, "I love this house," and then the husband answered it with, "I love you much better than this house."

And then that's why the wife is saying, "Paling bisa deh!", meaning that's he always has a way to win her heart, or he has a way with words.

Paling Bisa In a Song

I found a song titled "paling bisa" from a band named Sisitipsi. I will embed the song below so that you can watch and hear it.

The lyrics in that song containing the phrase "paling bisa" is written like this below,
Keadaan memaksa, ku tak kuasa. 
Untuk menjadi si paling bisa.
If translated into English, it will become,
The situation forced me. I'm so helpless. 
To be the ablest one.
I guess that's all wrapped up for this explanation about this phrase "paling bisa." I hope you can understand it well, and if you have any questions or still confused about this, you can comment in the comment section below this article—Bye for now.


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