Pengen Meaning In Indonesian

Jadul Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

Halo semuanya, kalian apa kabar? This time, I'm gonna talk about the meaning of [jadul] in Bahasa Indonesia. We're also going to watch scenes that I took from Indonesian movies where this word is spoken.

Jadul Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

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So, let's jump right in.

Jadul In Bahasa Indonesia

Jadul stands for jaman dulu. There are two words there, jaman and dulu. Jaman means era, and dulu means old. But people in Indonesia shorten it into jadul, JAman DULu. So, jaman dulu means,
Old times, or old era or something that is fashionably old.
So, where Indonesian people say [jadul] it has a correlation with old times or old fashion. We're going to see the example in the scenes from Indonesian movies so that you will understand it better.

You can say it in a phrase [jaman dulu] or you can say it just [jadul]. Whether you say it in a phrase [jaman dulu] or in a word [jadul], both mean the same thing.

How to Pronounce Jadul

Let's hear how to pronounce jadul down below.

Next, let's watch scenes from Indonesian movies.

Jadul In Movie Scenes

First, let's watch the scene from an Indonesian movie, Komedi Modern Gokil, where this word is spoken.

The conversation in the scene with English translation is as follows.
Old man: Halo? Iyo, nduk. Oh. Nganggo montor sing ono AC-ne, yo? Yo wes. Enteni, yo? (Hello. Yes. Using a vehicle that has an Air Conditioner in it, right? Okay. Wait for me then.) 
Dodit: Hape sama orangnya cocok. (The cell phone match with the old man.) 
Boris: Apa? (What?) 
Dodit: Jadul. (They're are both old.)

I'm going to explain the scene a bit. Here, the old man using one of the indigenous languages in Indonesia, that is the Javanese language. As you can see, Dodit referring jadul to the phone that the old man was using. It's an old school mobile phone and he said they are both old.

Next, let's watch other scenes from another Indonesian movie, Cek Toko Sebelah.

The conversation in the scene with English translation is as follows.
A: Pusing saya ama teknologi. Makin canggih. Haduh! Makin bikin orang ngga bergaul. Untung hape saya itu hape jadul. Boro-boro maen game online, ngecek pulsa aja suka ngehang. (I can't keep up with technology. It's getting more and more sophisticated. Oh my! It makes people don't want to socialize with each other. Thank God, my cell phone is an old fashion phone. Let alone playing online games, sometimes just to check my credit it just went blank.) 
B: Iya. (Oh, I see.)

He was referring to his old phone when he said jadul. Next, I will give you 3 example sentence using the word jadul.

Example Sentence Using Jadul

You can say this as jaman dulu or you can say it as jadul. It's all the same. The meaning also the same.

Example Sentences
English Translation
      1.       Balon tiup jadul, mainan anak jaman dulu yang masih ada sampai sekarang.
      1.       Old school inflatable balloons, old-fashioned children's toys that still exist until today.
      2.       Lagu jadul tahun 80an.
      2.       Old school songs that exist in the 80s.
      3.       Cara berpikir loe itu jadul banget deh.
      3.       You have an old fashion way of thinking.

I think this is a wrap. If you have any questions regarding this topic, you can just write down in the comment section below. Thank you very much and I'll talk to you soon. Bye now.