Ngentot Meaning In Bahasa

Judes Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

Halo semuanya, apa kabar? This time, I'm gonna talk about the meaning of [judes] in bahasa Indonesia. We will also watch a scene that I took from a popular movie in Indonesia, Dillan 1990, where this word is spoken.

Judes Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

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So, let's jump right in.

Judes In Bahasa Indonesia

According to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, the meaning of [judes] we can see from a screenshot below.

Judes Meaning

Judes means,
Lekas marah dan suka membentak-bentak atau menyakiti hari orang; ketus; tajam mulut.
Which translates to,
Get angry easily and like to yell or hurt other people's feeling, curtly, have a sharp tongue.
Now, let's hear how to pronounce this word.

How to Pronounce Judes

Here is how you pronounce [judes] in bahasa Indonesia.

Now, let's watch the scene from a movie where this word is spoken.

Video Examples of Judes In Use

Let's watch a scene from an Indonesian movie, Dillan 1990, below.

The conversation in that scene with English translation is as follows.
Dillan: Kiri. (Stop.) 
Milea: Setelah dia pergi, anehnya aku merasa bersalah sudah bersikap judes kepadanya. Dia pasti kesel. Pada dasarnya dia cukup asyik dibandingkan Benny, pacarku di Jakarta yang monoton. Yang kalo kasih puisi, menjiplak dari buku Kahlil Gibran atau majalah remaja. (After he left, why do I feel guilty for being so cold to him. He must be upset. To be honest he is quite cool compared to Benny, my boyfriend in Jakarta who is monotonous.)

In the scene, the girl acted so cold to the boy and she felt guilty for being such a cold girl to him after he had left.

Example Sentences

Now, I'm gonna give you 3 example sentences using the word judes.

Example Sentences
English Translation
1. Jangan judes-judes jadi cewe, ntar ngga ada yang suka lho!
1. If you always have a sharp tongue like this, no boys are going to like you.
2. Gue sih males ngomong sama dia, orangnya judes banget.
2. I don't like talking to her because she has a sharp tongue.
3. Loe mau ngejudesin dia kaya gimana juga, sebenarnya loe ngga bisa ngebohongin diri loe kan? Loe masih sayang sama dia, kan?
3. No matter how hard you tried to make him hate you by yelling and having a sharp tongue on him, honestly, you still love him, don't you?

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