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Kakak Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

Halo semuanya, apa kabar? Ketemu lagi dengan saya, Iman Prabawa. This time, I'm going to talk about the meaning of [kakak] in bahasa Indonesia. We are also going to be watching examples from movies where the word [kakak] is used by Indonesians.

Kakak Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

If you are a beginner in the Indonesian language, you can learn step by step with My Lesson Here.

So, let's jump right in.

Kakak in Bahasa Indonesia

[Kakak] is used when we address someone older than us. Unlike [mba] and [mas] that has a specific gender; for example, [mas] is for older men, and [mba] is for older women. For [kakak], you can use it to address women or men who are older than you are. But this applies if you are in Java Island. 

When I moved to Bintan Island, located near Sumatera Island, I found that [kakak] is used to address a woman who is older than you, and they do not use [kakak] to address a man who is older than you. They use [bang] when they address a man who is older than them. I found out that this applies throughout Sumatera Island.

How to Pronounce Kakak

Let's listen to how to pronounce the word [kakak] below.

Oftentimes, you will hear Indonesian people shorten [kakak] into just [kak]. Let's hear down below how to pronounce [kak]. Like [kakak], you don't pronounce the last letter [k] there. 

Let's hear it down below.

Now, let's watch examples from movies where the word [kakak] is spoken by Indonesians.

Examples of Kakak In use

The first example we are about to watch is from Radio Galau (2012). Let's watch the clip below.

You hear from the clip above the girl is calling the boy with the word [kakak].

You can watch all the clips without the black screen HERE. I also provided the captions in Indonesian with English translations and vocabulary explanations so that you can understand it better. You can also download all the clips there.

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So, I think this is a wrap and if you have any questions, just write down in the comment section. Thank you, and I'll talk to you soon. Bye now.