Pengen Meaning In Indonesian

Kepo Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

Halo semuanya, apa kabar kalian? This time, we're gonna talk about the meaning of [kepo] in Bahasa Indonesia. This is considered bahasa gaul, or you can call it a slang word, where the majority of people who use this word are younger people in Indonesia.

We're also going to watch a scene that I took from an Indonesian movie where this word is spoken. 

Kepo Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

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So, let's jump right in.

Kepo In Bahasa Indonesia

Let's see the meaning of [kepo], according to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia.

Kepo Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

According to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, kepo means,
Rasa ingin tahu yang berlebihan tentang kepentingan atau urusan orang lain.
If I translate this into English, it would be.
Excessive curiosity about other's people interests or other's people businesses.
Later, we're going to watch a scene from a movie and I will explain the scene a little bit so that you will understand this term better.

How to Pronounce Kepo

Let's hear how to pronounce kepo down below.

Next, let's watch the scene from a movie.

Kepo In a Movie Scene

Let's watch a scene down below where this word is spoken.

The conversation with the English translation is as follows.
Woman: Loe sendiri, kok bisa putus sama Dian? (Why did you brake up with Dian?) 
Man: Heh, ngambek-ngambek kepo! (Wow, you're mad at me but at the same time you have a curiosity about me.) 
Woman: Apaan sih? Biarin! Mau-mau gue. (What? So be it then!) 
Man: Ya.. kalau gue sih.. Mungkin dia mutusin gue gara-gara.. gara-gara dia baru sadar kali, kalo gue bukan orang kaya. (Hmm.. I think.. She dumped me because.. because she just realized that I'm not a rich man.) 
Woman: Ah. (What?) 
Man: He'eh. (Yeah.) 
Woman: Serius loe? (Are you being serious?) 
Man: He'eh. (Yup.)

As you can see, the woman in the scene wanted to know why the man broke up with his girlfriend. She was curious about that, and that's why the man said this word [kepo] because she wanted to know and curious about he broke up with his girlfriend.

In the conversation, you can see the word [he'eh]. I have made an article explaining the meaning of [he'eh]. You can read in this article, He'eh Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia.

Example Sentences Using Kepo

Here are 3 example sentences using the word [kepo].

Example Sentences
English Translation
     1.       A: Eh, dia ngomong apa kemarin sama loe?
B: Ih! Loe kepo banget deh.
     1.       A: What did he say to you yesterday?
B: Oh my! You have an excessive curiosity over me.
     2.       Cara berhenti ngepoin medsos mantan.
     2.       Ways to overcome your curiosity about your ex’s social media.
     3.       Katanya bahagia, tapi kok masih ngepoin mantan?
     3.       You said that you were happy, so why did you still stalking your ex?

I think this is a wrap. If you have any questions about this, just write down in the comment section and I'd be glad to answer your questions. Thank you very much and I'll talk to you soon. Bye now.