Ngentot Meaning In Bahasa

Meaning of Spaneng In Bahasa Indonesia

Halo, apa kabar? This time, I'm gonna talk about the meaning of [spaneng] in Bahasa Indonesia. And as usual, we're going to watch a scene from an Indonesian movie where this word is being spoken.

Meaning of Spaneng In Bahasa Indonesia

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So, let's get started!

Spaneng In Bahasa Indonesia

Spaneng actually came from the Javanese language but now it's spoken in many places in Indonesia. Being [spaneng] means that you are feeling tense.

How to Pronounce Spaneng

I have recorded my voice, so let's check it out down below how to pronounce spaneng.

And now let's watch the scene from the movie.

Spaneng In a Movie Scene

There are 2 people in this scene. One is Prima and the other is Mamih. Mamih means mam in Bahasa Indonesia.

Let's watch the scene and then I will explain a bit about this scene.

The conversation in this scene with English translation is as follows.
A: Eh tapi kan, salah mami juga! Nelpon saya pas lagi syuting! (But, that was also your fault! You called me in the middle of a movie shoot.) 
B: Nah elu! Udeh tahu lagi soting, hape bukannya disilen. Lagian kan gue juga bukan cuma mikirin elo doang! Pikiran gue banyak! Jangan bikin pala gue spaneng, dah! Gue nih masih kekurangan orang, tau ngga? (Then why didn’t you put your phone in a silent mode? Besides, you are not the only one that I need to take care of. There are a lot of things that I need to do! Don’t make me tense, will you? By the way, I’m still in a shortage of person, don’t you know that?) 
A: Mih.. banyak tahu kekurangan mamih! Bukan kekurangan orang doang. (Mam.. Didn’t you realize that you’re still in a shortage of a lot of things? Not only just in a shortage of person.)

So, as you can see, he made her tense. That's why she was saying the word [spaneng] there.

Elu, loe, lo, elo means you. They're all the same, sometimes you will see written like those variations that I've just given you. Udeh is informal for sudah. Betawi people often say like this. Pala is short for kepala which means head.

Example Sentences

As usual, I will give you 3 example sentences. The first example sentence is.
Kepala gue jadi spaneng tiap ngelihat tingkah loe ini.
The English translation for this would be.
You make me tense every time I see your behavior.

The second example sentence is.
Jika Anda merasa spaneng dalam hidup, coba renungkan hal ini.
The English translation for this would be.
If you feel tense in your life, you need to think about this one.

The third example sentence is.
Semua permasalahan hidup yang menimpanya membuatnya spaneng.
The English translation for this sentence would be.
All the problems in his life made him tense.

So, I think this is a wrap. I hope that you can understand my explanation well. As usual, if you have any questions, just write down in the comment section. Thank you and I'll talk to you soon. Bye now.