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Tajir Melintir Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

Halo semuanya, apa kabar? This time, we're gonna talk about the meaning of the phrase [tajir melintir]. I will also include a scene in this article that I took from an Indonesian movie.

This phrase is usually used by younger generations and is considered bahasa gaul, or you can say a slang term.

Tajir Melintir Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

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So, let's talk about this.

Tajir Melintir In Bahasa Indonesia

There are two words in this phrase, [tajir] and [melintir]. Let's see the meaning of tajir according to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia below.

Tajir Meaning

The meaning of tajir according to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia is.
In English it means.
The other word melintir means spinning. But usually, in this phrase melintir doesn't mean spinning, it just has the same rhyme with tajir. Let's see this, tajIR melintIR, the letter that I just made it big, as you can see, has the same rhyme.

Tajir melintir in this case means,
Very very rich.
That's the actual meaning of this phrase.

How to Pronounce Tajir Melintir

First, we're going to hear how to pronounce the word tajir. Let's hear it down below.

Next, we're going to hear how to pronounce tajir melintir. Let's hear it down below.

Next, we're going to watch a scene from a movie.

Tajir Melintir In a Movie Scene

Let's watch a scene from an Indonesian movie, Tertusuk Cinta Sate Padang.

The conversation in this scene with English translation is as follows.
Woman: Tapi perasaan, Ferry ngga kaya-kaya banget, deh. (But from what I know, Ferry is not that rich.) 
Man: Heh? Masa? Bukannya dia tajir melintir, ya? Sampe-sampe cewe ngerumunin dia. (Really? Isn't he really that rich? It makes lots of girls want to hang around with him.) 
Woman: Eh, enak aja! Maksud loe apa? Gue jadian sama Ferry itu bukan gara-gara dia kaya, tapi karena dia itu dulunya baik. (What?! What do you mean by that? I was dating Ferry not because he is rich, but because he used to be a good man.) 
Man: Ei, baper. (So you’re involving your heart on this?) 
Woman: Ngga kok! Orang.. ya.. gue.. gue.. (No, I'm not! It's.. just..) 
Man: Hmm, lagi mikirin Ferry, ya? (So, you're thinking about Ferry right now?) 
Woman: Ngga! Gue itu cuma.. (No! I was just..)

I think you can understand just from reading the conversation in English translation above. Next, I'm going to give you there example sentences using tajir melintir.

Example Sentences Using Tajir Melintir

Let's see the table below where I give you 3 example sentences using the phrase tajir melintir.

Example Sentences
English Translation
     1.       Katanya orang tuanya itu tajir melintir ya?
     1.       I heard the rumor says that his parents are very rich, isn’t it?
     2.       Loe kenapa ngga mau sama dia? Dia kan tajir melintir.
     2.       Why didn’t you except him? He is very rich, isn’t he?
     3.       Dia emang tajir melintir tapi kelakuannya ke perempuan parah!
     3.       Yes, he is rich, but the way he treated women is really bad.

I think this is a wrap. If you have any questions regarding this phrase, you can just write in the comment section down below this article. Thank you and I'll talk to you soon. Bye now.