Ngentot Meaning In Bahasa

Gampang In the Indonesian Language

Halo teman-teman, apa kabar? This time we're gonna talk about gampang in the Indonesian language. I also included a scene that I took from a famous Indonesian movie, Dilan 1990. This movie is so popular in Indonesia.

Gampang In Indonesian Language

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So, let's dive in!

Gampang In Bahasa Indonesia

Gampang in Bahasa Indonesia means easy, piece of cake. The synonyms for gampang are [mudah], [enteng], [remeh], [sepele]. Mudah is more formal than gampang.

How to Pronounce Gampang

Let's hear down below how to pronounce the word gampang.

Next, let's watch a scene from a movie where this word is spoken.

Gampang In a Movie Scene

Let's watch the scene from a famous Indonesia movie, Dilan 1990, down below.

The conversation in that scene with English translation is as follows.
Dilan: Kamu pulang naik angkot? Boleh aku ikut denganmu? (You go home using public transportation? May I go with you?) 
Milea: Ke mana? (Where to?) 
Dilan: Naik angkot. (To public transportation.) 
Milea: Ngga usah! (Please, don’t!) 
Dilan: Tapi kan angkot buat siapa aja? (But, public transportation is for everyone, isn’t it?) 
Milea: Kamu kan bawa motor? (You are riding a motorbike, don’t you?) 
Dilan: Gampang. (That’s easy.)
In this scene, Dilan was trying to get close to Milea. He likes Milea, so in this scene, he was trying to get closer to Milea and trying to win her heart. He asked for permission to Milea to come with her using public transportation together because Milea was going home using public transportation.

Milea then asked how come he would join her when at that time he was riding a motorbike, and then Dilan said that it was an easy matter. So, gampang, in this case, means that Milea does not have to worry about that thing.

Angkot short for ANGkutan KOTa, which means public transportation.

Example Sentences Using Gampang

Here are 3 example sentences using the word gampang.

Example Sentences
English Translation
1. Soal itu mah gampang banget, kali!
1. I think this problem is really easy!
2. Jangan suka menggampangkan suatu masalah deh.
2. Do not always tend to ease the problem.
3. Kalau soal gampang itu saja kamu tidak bisa menyelesaikannya, gimana nanti kamu menghadapi soal-soal yang jauh lebih susah lagi?

3. If you can’t solve this easy problem, then how come you can solve harder problems?

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