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Labil Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

Halo semuanya. Apa kabar? This time we're gonna talk about the meaning of labil in Bahasa Indonesia. I've also included a scene that I took from an Indonesian movie, DOA: Cari Jodoh, so that you can understand this word better.

Labil Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

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So, let's get started!

Labil In Bahasa Indonesia

We can see the meaning of labil, according to Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, at the screenshot below.

Labil Meaning

Which translates to English:
  1. Wobbly; not steady, not sturdy (about building, standpoint.)
  2. Bouncy; not calm (about vehicle, ship, airplane.)
  3. Not fixed; easily changeable; up and down (about the price of goods, currency.)
  4. Not stable; tend to change.
  5. Not balanced and easy to change.
We will see a scene in a movie where labil there means easily changeable.

How to Pronounce Labil

Let's hear down below how to pronounce labil.

Next, let's see a scene from a movie where this word is spoken.

Labil In A Movie Scene

Let's watch the scene from an Indonesian movie, DOA: Cari Jodoh, down below.

The conversation in that scene with English translation is as follows.
Woman: Kamu ganteng, mas. Tapi aku belum mencintaimu. Ngga tahu nanti sore. (You are handsome. But I haven't loved you yet. I don't know, maybe late afternoon.) 
Man: Lho? Ini kan udah sore. (What? It's already late afternoon now.) 
Woman: Kalo gitu, ngga tahu deh ntar malem. (Maybe tonight then.) 
Man: Lho kok kamu labil? Kemarin kamu bilang udah cinta sama aku? (Why do you tend to change easily like this? Yesterday, you said to me that you'd loved me already.)
The woman in that scene says something opposite to what she said yesterday. Yesterday, she'd told him that she loved him, but now she says that she hasn't loved him yet. That's why the man said to her this word [labil] because she tends to change easily.

So, labil in this context means tend to change easily.

Example Sentences Using Labil

Here are 3 example sentences using the word labil.

Example Sentences
English Translation
1. Dia mah anaknya masih labil banget kali.
1. She still tends to change easily. You know that?
2. Eh, loe mah parah! Jangan labil gitu lah jadi orang! Kemarin loe bilang mau, tapi sekarang ngga jadi.
2. Don't tend to change easily like that, man! Yesterday, you said that you wanted to do it, but now you say that you don't want to do it.
3. Susahnya punya pasangan yang emosinya labil.

3. It's hard to have a partner whose emotions are unstable.

I think this is a wrap. If you have any questions regarding this topic, you can write in the comment section, and I'd be happy to answer any questions that you may have. That's all for now, take care and bye-bye.