Ngentot Meaning In Bahasa

Meaning of Beneran In Indonesian

Halo semuanya? Apa kabar kalian? Sudah cukup lama sejak terakhir saya menulis artikel di sini. Hello everyone. How are you? It's been a while since my last article, and now I'm back. We're gonna talk about the meaning of [beneran] in Bahasa Indonesia. And as usual, we are going to be watching scenes from movies where this word is spoken. 

Meaning of Beneran In Indonesian

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So, let's dive in!

Beneran In Bahasa Indonesia

The basic form for [beneran] is [bener], and the formal way of writing it would be [benar]. But you will see a lot of [bener]. Just don't get confused with which one is the right one. The formal way is [benar], and [bener] is informal.

Benar means,
True, real, right.
So, [beneran] has the same meaning as benar/bener. But you really need to know the context because it can have different meanings. You will see what I mean later when we watch scenes from movies and when I give you example sentences using this word [beneran].

So now, let's watch scenes from movies.

Beneran In Movie Scenes

Let's watch the first scene. It is taken from a movie titled Perahu Kertas 1.

In this scene, there are two people, Keenan and Kugy. Keenan asked Kugy why she didn't focus on making stories because from what Keenan knows, Kugy made a few stories that are good. And then Kugy answered it by saying,
Kugy: Jadi, kuliah dulu, lulus, mapan. Baru deh nulis dongeng beneran. (First, I want to study at a college and then graduate and become settle. After that, I will write a real story.)
So [beneran] here to give an explanation about the story. What kind of story? A real story.

Vocabulary From the Scene

Kuliah = college
Lulus = graduate
Mapan = settle
Nulis = to write
Dongeng = a story/stories.
Beneran = real

Next, let's watch another scene. I took this scene from an Indonesian talk show, Ini Talkshow. Let's watch it down below.

Najwa Shihab is the host in that talk show, and she asked Sule about his guitar. The conversation in that scene with English translation is as follows.
Najwa Shihab: Itu gitar beneran ya? (Is that a real guitar?) 
Sule: Bohongan. (No, it is not. It is fake.) 
Najwa Shihab: Ngga ada senarnya. (It doesn't have any strings on it.)
In this talk show, Sule impersonates Rhoma Irama, a legend in the Dangdut music scene in Indonesia.

Vocabulary From the Scene

Gitar = guitar.
Bohongan = fake.
Senar = string.

If you want to watch the full video, you can watch it below. I will just embed the video down below.

Next, still from this talk show's video, let's watch a scene that I took from the video down below.

The conversation in that scene with English translation is as follows.
Sule: Terima kasih. (Thank you.) 
Najwa Shihab: Luar biasa. (Awesome.) 
A man: Cari apa? Bang Rhomi, cari apa? (What are you looking for? Rhomi, what are you looking for?) 
Sule: Takut yang benerannya datang. (Orang-orang pada tertawa.) Soalnya sudah dua kali saya didatangi. (I'm afraid the real Rhoma is coming. (The whole crowd is laughing) Because it happened twice.) 
Najwa Shihab: Takut beneran dateng ya kang? (So, you're afraid the real Rhoma Irama is coming, aren't you?) 
Sule: Iya. (Yes.) 
Najwa Shihab: Kalau beneran dateng, aku juga yang kaget. (If he really came, I also would be very surprised.)
Sule was looking at behind him, and the man asked why did he look to the back? Sule answered that he was afraid that the real one, Rhoma Irama, would just show up because it already happened twice.

Vocabulary From the Scene

Datang/dateng = come
Cari = to search
Luar biasa = awesome

Last one, I just found this picture. Let's see the picture down below.

It says,
Kopi beneran.
If translated into English it would be,
Real Coffee.
And now, I'm gonna give example sentences using the word [beneran].

Example Sentences Using Beneran

Let's see the table down below.

Example Sentences
English Translation
1. Beneran ngga sih loe? Kalau beneran gue siap-siap nih.
1. Are you being serious? If so then I will get dressed. (*note: beneran here means serious. So, the meaning depends on the situation, so you must know the situation to know the real meaning.)
2. Dia beneran marah lho sama loe.
2. She was really really mad at you. (*note: beneran here means really or very. It emphasized the word after it, that is “marah”.)
3. Ini film diambil dari cerita beneran?

3. Is this movie based on a true story?

So, I think that's all for now. If you have any questions regarding this topic, you can just comment in the comment section, and I will be glad to answer your question. Bye-bye then.