Lesson 1

What's Your Name In Indonesian

Useful Indonesian Phrases #6 - Halo semuanya, apa kabar kalian? (Hello all, how are you?) This time we're gonna learn how to say [what's your name] in the Indonesian language.

As always, we're also going to be watching a brief video clip where this sentence is being spoken. 

What's Your Name In Indonesian Language

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So, let's dive in.

How to Say What's Your Name In the Indonesian Language

There are a few ways to ask names in the Indonesian language. The first one, you can say this.
Nama kamu siapa?
Or you can switch the order of the word in that sentence into this,
Siapa nama kamu?
There is no difference between [nama kamu siapa?] and [siapa nama kamu?], And you can say this one,
Kamu namanya siapa?
I'll give you the vocabulary from these sentences.
Kamu = you
Siapa = who
Nama = name.

Next, we're gonna hear how to pronounce these 3 sentences.

How to Pronounce 

Let's hear how to pronounce the first sentence, [nama kamu siapa?] down below.

Next, let's hear how to pronounce the second sentence, [siapa nama kamu?] down below.

The last one, let's hear how to pronounce the third sentence, [kamu namanya siapa?] down below.

Next, we're gonna watch a video clip where these sentences are being spoken.

Nama Kamu Siapa In a Video Clip

I just found two of those 3 sentences, but I will surely update this article if I find another. Let's watch this clip down below.

The conversation spoken in this video clip with English translations is as follows.

Enzy: Kamu namanya siapa? (What's your name?)

Desta: Hengki.

Enzy: Hmm. (I see.)

Desta: Nama kamu siapa? (What's your name?)

Enzy: Sonya.

Desta: Wow! Aku om Bram. (Wow! I'm uncle Bram.)

Both are laughing. Here, they laughed because first, Desta said that his name was Hengki, and then all of a sudden, he changed his name into Bram.

Enzy: Jadi, nama kamu Hengki apa om Bram? (So, which one is your name? Hengki or uncle Bram?)

Desta: Aku sering.. Nama KTP aku Hengki tapi aku dipanggil om Bram. (I often.. My name on the ID Card is Hengki but people called me uncle Bram.) 

Enzy: Hmm. (I see.)

Desta: Jauh ya? (Very different, isn't it?)

Enzy: Jauh sekali. (Yes, it is.)

This short clip is taken from the NET TV youtube channel. I will embed the full video down below, just in case you want to watch it.

So, in this clip, Desta acts as Hengki, and Enzy Storia acts as the mermaid. Enzy wanted to know the name of the person. She said,
Kamu namanya siapa?
And then Desta also wanted to know her name. He asked this,
Nama kamu siapa?
You can choose which one you can use when you want to ask for somebody's name. So, I think that's all for now. If I find another clip, I will update this article again. 

I'll see you in my next article then. Bye now.