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Sampe Gondrong Meaning In Indonesian

Halo semuanya, apa kabar? This time we're going to talk about the meaning of the phrase [sampe gondrong]. I just saw this phrase was being used in an ad, and because a lot of Indonesian people know this phrase, I think I made this article to talk about this phrase.

We're also going to watch the ad so that you will see for yourself that this phrase is being used in that ad, and I will explain it. 

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So, let's dive in. 

The Meaning of Sampe Gondrong

This phrase is not considered a slang term because every Indonesian person knows the meaning of this phrase. [Sampe] is informal for [sampai]. It means until, up to, to, through. [Gondrong] means [long hair].

So, literally [sampe gondrong] means [until your hair becomes long]. But usually, it is used figuratively. For instance, you have short hair, and you want to make it long. It takes a very long time to make the hair becomes long, right? This is where the meaning of [sampe gondrong] in figurative meaning comes from.

So, if you say sampe gondrong, it means that you do it for a very long time. Later, I'll give you example sentences using this phrase so that you will understand it better.

How to Pronounce Sampe Gondrong

Let's listen to how to pronounce sampe gondrong in this video below.

Next, let's look at example sentences using the phrase sampe gondrong.

Example Sentences Using Sampe Gondrong

Let's see these 3 example sentences using the phrase [sampe gondrong] in the table below.

Contoh Kalimat (Example Sentences)

English Translation

1. Loe mo nungguin dia sampe gondrong, cuy? Gue yakin sih dia ngga bakalan dateng deh!

1. You sure you still wanna wait for her? I don’t think she’s ever gonna come!

2. Sampe gondrong loe kerjain ini soal juga kaga bakalan bisa loe! Ini soal emang kaga ada jawabannya.

2. Whatever long time you try to solve this problem, I believe you won’t make it! This problem just doesn’t have an answer.

3. Gue mo manjangin rambut gue ah, sampe gondrong sebahu.

3. I want to grow my hair out to shoulder length.

The meaning of example sentence number 1 and example number 2 is until a very long time. But the meaning in the example sentence number 3 is in the literal meaning, that is, to grow the hair until the hair becomes long.

Let's hear the audio version of the example sentences above in the video below.

Next, let's watch the ad where this phrase sampe gondrong is spoken.

Sampe Gondrong In an Ad

Let's watch the ad down below.

This ad is full of informal phrases and words. What he said in the ad were these words.
Hari gini. Pilih ketengan paling unlimited. Unlimited seenak jidat. Unlimited sampe gondrong. Unlimited sampe lumutan. Unlimited sampe jempol panas. Dengan kuota ketengan unlimited sekelas Telkomsel. Aktifkan di MyTelkomsel. (In today's world, you need to pick a retail data plan that has the unlimited feature. Unlimited as you wish. Unlimited your hair grow long. Unlimited until it becomes mossy. Unlimited until your thumb burns out. With a retail data plan from Telkomsel. Activate in the MyTelkomsel app.)
In the ad above, you can see the man using his cellphone until his hair grows very long. So, the meaning of this phrase [sampe gondrong] in this ad means that you can use the data plan for a very long time. Telkomsel is a mobile operator in Indonesia.

[Sampe lumutan] has the same meaning as [sampe gondrong]. [Sampe lumutan] means until it becomes mossy.

So, I think that's all for now. If I find another scene in a movie, for example, where this phrase [sampe gondrong] is spoken, Insya Allah, I will update this article again. Bye now.