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Kegep Meaning In Indonesian

Halo semuanya, apa kabar? This time, I want to talk about the meaning of a slang term in the Indonesian language [kegep]. As always, we will watch a scene from a movie where this word [kegep] is spoken.

Kegep Meaning In Indonesian Language

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The Meaning of Kegep In the Indonesian Language

[Kegep] is a slang term in the Indonesian language. It means to discover someone while they are doing something bad or illegal.  

Example sentence: 

1. A: Eh, loe kemarin kegep nyontek ya sama bu Ira? Mampus! Emang enak kegep?! (Hey, you got caught red-handed by Mrs. Ira while you're cheating in her exam, right? Eat that! Feels good, right?)

    B: Sialan loe! (Yeah. Damn, I'm screwed!)

Here is the audio version of this example sentence.

The root word for [kegep] is [gep], so it can change into [digepin]. Example sentence:
2. Kemarin yang gue denger sih dia digepin satpam lagi ngisep ganja di kelas. (From what I heard, yesterday he was caught red-handed by security while he was smoking dope in the class.)
Here is the audio version of this example sentence.

Or it can change into [ngegepin]. Example sentence:

3. A: Loe katanya kemarin ngegepin orang yang lagi berusaha nyuri sepeda ya? (I heard that you caught someone red-handed trying to steal bicycles yesterday?)

    B: Yoi. (Yeah.)

Here is the audio version of this example sentence:

Next, let's hear how to pronounce the word [kegep] at slow and normal speed.

How to Pronounce Kegep

Let's hear how to pronounce kegep in the video below.

Next, let's watch a scene from a movie where [kegep] is spoken.

Kegep In Movie Scenes

This clip is taken from a movie called Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2. Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC), is very popular in Indonesia when the movie was released. AADC 1 was released in 2002, and the sequel AADC 2 was released 14 years later in 2016. There are a lot of slangs being used in this movie.

Let's watch the scene down below.

The conversation in the scene with English translations is as follows.

Mamet: Sorry, sorry, sorry. Jadi, sebenarnya Carmen itu make apa sih? (Sorry. So, actually what was something that Carmen using?)

Milly: Met, Carmen tu bukan pemake. Dia lagi salah gaul aja. Nyoba nyoba, kegep terus terpaksa masuk rehab 6 bulan. Eh, tu dia! Men! (Met, Carmen was not a drug user. She just made the wrong friends at that time. She was just using drugs only for fun, and then she got caught red-handed and ended up in a rehabilitation center. Hey, here she comes! Men!)

In the scene, Carmen was caught red-handed while she was using drugs.

Vocabulary from the scene

[Pemake] - This word came from the full phrase [pemake narkoba], which means a drug user. In daily conversation, we usually drop the word [narkoba = drugs] because a lot of people have already known when we say [pemake], it means [pemake narkoba] or a drug user. [Pemake], in the literal meaning, means someone who is using something. Something here can be anything. The root word is [pake], which means to use. [Pake] is informal for [pakai].

[Tu] is short for [itu] = that. In daily conversation, it's common to hear native Indonesian speakers drop letters or words when speaking.

[Sebenarnya], in the literal meaning, means the truth is.

[Nyoba] is informal for [mencoba], which means to try.

[Salah gaul], if translated word for word [salah] means [wrong] and [gaul] means [to socialize]. [Salah gaul] actually means that you wrongly picked friends to socialize with.

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