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Bujangan Meaning In Indonesian

Halo semuanya. Apa kabar? Ketemu lagi dengan saya, Iman Prabawa. In this article, I'd like to talk about the meaning of [bujangan] in the Indonesian language, and as always, we will watch scenes from movies, youtube videos, and whatnot where this word is spoken.

Bujangan Meaning In Indonesian

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Bujangan In the Indonesian Language

Bujangan is a term that is used for men who have not yet married. He maybe has a girlfriend, but they haven't married yet.

There is a famous song titled Bujangan by a band named Koes Plus. Let's hear it down below.

Next, let's hear how to pronounce bujangan.

How to Pronounce Bujangan

This is how you pronounce the word bujangan.

Next, we will watch scenes from movies where the word bujangan is being said.

Bujangan In Movie Scenes

In this section, we will watch scenes from movies, youtube videos, and whatnot where the word bujangan is spoken.

The first scene that we are about to watch is taken from a movie called Wedding Proposal. Let's watch the clip down below.

Conversation in the scene with English translations is as follows.

Bisma’s Mother: Jeng Santi, jeng Linda. Ini pasti Ci.. Rina, ini Cindy. Ya kan? (Hey Santi, Linda. This must be Ci… Rina. This is Cindy, right?)

Cindy: Iya, betul. (Yes, you’re right.)

Bisma’s Mother: Ini Bisma, anak tante. Kenalin dong. (This is Bisma, my son. Introduce yourself!)

Bisma:  Bisma.

Cindy: Cindy.

Rina: Rina.

Bisma: Halo, Bisma. (Hello, I’m Bisma.)

Bisma’s Mother: Ini, uh.. masih bujangan. Dan ganteng, ya kan? (He is still single. And handsome, isn’t he?)

Cindy’s Mother: Ini ganteng, ya? (He’s handsome, right?)

Bisma’s Mother: Tuh kan. (You hear that?)

Bisma: Maaf, bu. Aku ambil minum dulu sebentar. (I’m sorry, mom. I’m going to get a drink.)

Bisma’s Mother: Mo ke mana, sih? (Where are you going?)

Bisma: Minum, bu. (Get a drink, mom.)

In this scene, Bisma's mother introduced her son to her friends' daughters. She said to them that her son was still single and not yet married.

Vocabulary From the Scene

[Jeng] is short for [diajeng]. This term is from the Javanese language. This term is used to address a female who you feel very close to her. It's like [mbak], but [jeng] is more polite than [mbak], and you already close to that person. You can read about the meaning of [mba] in this article, Mba In the Indonesian Language.

[Pasti] = certain. Ini pasti... <--- This phrase is usually used when you are certain about something. In this scene, Bisma's mother felt certain that the woman in front of her is named Cindy, but actually, she was wrong. So, you can feel certain about something, but in fact, you still can be wrong about it.

[Betul] = right, correct.

[Ganteng] = handsome.

[Maaf] = sorry.

[Bu] is short for [ibu]. This term is used when you call your own mother or can also be used when addressing a married female. In this case, Bisma using this term to call her mother.

[Minum] = drink.

[Mo] is the colloquial form of [mau] = want.

So, I guess this is all for now. If you have any questions regarding this topic, just leave them in the comment box down below, and I'll be happy to answer them. Insha Allah, if I find another scene where this word [bujangan] is spoken, I will update this article again.

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