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PHK Meaning In Bahasa

Apa kabar semuanya? Ketemu lagi sama saya, Iman Prabawa. In this article, I want to talk to you about the meaning of [PHK] in the Indonesian language, and as usual, we will watch scenes from movies where this abbreviation is spoken. 

PHK Meaning In Bahasa

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Meaning of PHK In the Indonesian Language

PHK in an abbreviation of Pemutusan Hubungan Kerja. If someone is said to be [di-PHK], it means they are fired from their workplace. Synonyms for PHK are [pecat], [dikeluarkan (dari tempat kerja) or [diberhentikan (dari tempat kerja).].

Examples of PHK In Use

In this section, you will see examples from movies, youtube videos, and whatnot where this abbreviation [PHK] is spoken.

The first example you are about to see is from a movie called Nada Untuk Asa (2015). Let's watch the clip below.

Below is the conversation from the scene with English translations.

Asa’s Boss: Jadi, gini.. Ehm.. perusahaan dengan sangat berat hati memberhentikan kamu. (So, here's the thing. With a heavy heart, I have to tell you this. This company no longer needs you.)

Asa: Jadi, saya di-PHK, pak? Katanya saya berjasa? Berkontribusi. Kok saya di-PHK sih, pak? (So, I'm being fired? You said that I bring something good to this company. I contributed. Then, why am I being fired?)  

Asa’s Boss: Yah, sebetulnya sih ini demi kenyamanan karyawan yang lain. (Well, actually, this is for the convenience of other employees.)

Asa: Kok jadi bawa-bawa karyawan lain, pak? Pecat, pecat aja pak, tapi.. Ni, maksud bapak apa sih, pak? Saya ngga ngerti. (Why do you involve other employees in this talk? If you want to fire me, just fire me then, but.. Actually, what do you mean? I don't understand.)

In this scene, Asa is fired by her boss. Asa is a good employee that contributes to the company. That's why it is making Asa confused. If she contributes to the company, why does the company fire her? That's what Asa asked his boss.

In this scene, Asa uses another word that has the same meaning as PHK, that is, [pecat].

Vocabulary From the Scene

[Jadi gini..] is a phrase that is usually used by Indonesian natives when starting to explain about something.

[Dengan sangat berat hati] = with a heavy heart. This phrase is usually said to make the sentence more polite.

[Berjasa] = very useful to the place that someone works.

[Berkontribusi] = contribute to the company that the person works.

[Karyawan] = employees.

[Kok jadi bawa-bawa.. ] is used when you involve someone's name in your conversation, usually to save yourself.

[Pecat] = [PHK] = fired, layoffs.

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I guess this wraps up today's article. If I find another example where this PHK thing is spoken, Insha Allah, I will update this article again.

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