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Meaning of PHP In Bahasa Indonesia

Halo, semuanya. Apa kabar? (Hello everyone, how's it going?) Today we're gonna learn an Indonesian slang that is PHP. We will also be going to watch a scene from a movie called Tetangga Masa Gitu, where this term is being spoken.

Meaning of PHP In Bahasa Indonesia

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So, let's get started!

PHP In Bahasa Indonesia

PHP is an abbreviation of Pemberi Harapan Palsu. Sometimes, you will see this written as "pehape."

PHP or Pemberi Harapan Palsu is when you give false hope to someone. For example, if you're a man and you're being nice to a woman, and the woman feels like the man is attracted to her, but in fact, the man was just trying to be nice to her. And we can call the man as PHP or the one who gives false hope to the woman.

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Next, we're going to see a scene from a movie, and then I will explain to you so it will make sense to you, and you will understand this more.

How to Pronounce PHP

I've recorded my voice so you can hear how to pronounce PHP. Let's listen to it below.

Sometimes, you will see it is written as "pehape," but it is the same just different the writing. Now, let's watch a scene from a movie.

PHP In a Movie Scene

In this scene, Adi, the husband asked her wife whether she wanted grapes or not. And her wife responded by saying that he doesn't need to give her false hope.

Let's watch the scene below.

The transcription of the conversation in that scene with English translation is as follows.
Adi: Angel. 
Angel: He? (What?) 
Adi: Kamu mau aku beliin anggur, ngga? (Would you like me to buy you grapes?) 
Angel: Kamu jangan PHP deh! Baru cari lowongan kerja aja udah mau beliin anggur. (Please, don’t give me false hope! You’re just seeking for a job vacancy and now you would like to buy me grapes?) 
Adi: Hehehe. Ngga, serius! Ngga, aku emang niat Angel, cari kerja. Makanya aku cari di koran, cari di mana-mana. Nah, untuk merealisasikan niat aku ini, boleh ngga kalau aku pinjem laptop kamu? Buat browsing-browsing cari kerja sama bikin lamaran. (Hehehe. No, I’m serious! No, I do really am, have the intention of looking for a job. That’s why I’m looking for it in the newspaper, and everywhere. And to make this happens, may I borrow your laptop, please? For searching a job on the internet and to make a job application.)

Now, I will give you example sentences using this word so that you can better understand this word.

PHP Example Sentences

I'll give you 3 example sentences using this word PHP, and I hope that you will understand this word better.

First sentence,
Ah, loe mah emang tukang PHP-in orang deh! Kasihan tahu, anak orang jadi berharap gitu sama loe!
The English translation is as follows.
Ah, you're always giving false hope to people! This is not good! She will have high hopes on you, dude!

Second sentence,
Kalian pernah dipehapein sama orang, ngga?
The English translation is as follows.
Have you ever being given false hope by someone?

Third sentence,
Kamu jangan terlalu baik sama dia, nanti dia ngerasa dipehapein sama kamu, padahal kamu itu sebenarnya ngga ada perasaan sama dia. Kamu kan cuma ingin bersikap baik aja kan sama dia? Kamu ngga suka sama dia, kan?
The English translation is as follows.
You don't have to be too nice to her, otherwise, she will think that you're in love with her but in fact, you don't have any feeling for her. You just want to be nice to her, right? You don't love her, do you?

That's a wrap! I think that's all for now for the meaning of PHP in Bahasa Indonesia. If you have any questions, just write it down in the comment section. I'll talk to you soon. Bye now.

Update #1 (August 16th, 2020)
I just found a scene from a TV Serial called Mimpi Metropolitan. Let's watch the scene down below.

The conversation in the scene with English translations is as follows.

Topan: Woi, bro! Ada makanan paling mantep! Mau ngga? (Hey, bro. I’ve got a really nice food here! You want some?)

Bambang: Oh. Boleh, mas. Mau. (Okay. I want one.)

Topan: Nah. (Here you are.)

Prima: Hati-hati, Mbang. Nanti isinya ngga sesuai ekspektasi. (Be careful, Mbang. Usually, what's the inside is different than what you expected.)

Alan: Eh, betul itu! (Yeah, that's true!)

Bambang: Waduh! Beneran, mas. (OMG! You're right!)

Prima and Alan: Hahaha. (*both are laughing.)

Prima: Kan? Gue bilang juga apa, kan? Parah loe! PHP loe, Pan! (See? What did I tell you? You're crazy! You're giving him false hope, Pan!)

Alan: Kau ini, Pan! Pan! (You're crazy, man!)

Topan: Masih mending gue bae ama loe-loe pada, nawarin. Mau ngga? Eh, kalau ngga mau, ya udah. (Hey, I was being nice to you guys, offering you food. Do you want it? If you don't want it, that's okay.)

Topan came with something. He said that he has the nicest food ever, and then he was offering it to Bambang. The food is in the tin, and Prima warned him that usually, the thing that was inside the tin was different than what you were expecting. And actually, it was true.

That's why then Prima said this,
Parah loe! PHP loe, Pan! (You're crazy, man! You're giving him false hope, Pan!)
I will explain vocabulary being used in this conversation so that you can also learn vocabulary from this short movie clip.

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Parah loe! Parah literally means severe. For example, Gedung ini rusak parah akibat bom itu (This building is severely damaged because of the bomb.) But, this phrase "parah loe!" is usually used by younger people in Indonesia to show that what someone has done is crazy. You can see in this clip, Bambang just got tricked by Topan. He said that the food was amazing, but actually, it was not.

Mantep = mantap. It means awesome, great, wicked.

Ya udah, this phrase can mean a lot of things. The literal meaning of this phrase, ya = yes, sudah = finished. If translated word for word like that, you'll find it weird. Ya udah can mean [okay] when someone agreed with what to offer. Ya udah usually also used when you want to end your conversation with someone. You want to end the conversation because you want to go somewhere. In this situation, Topan used the word [ya udah] to finish his words.

He was offering food to Bambang, and if Bambang doesn't want the food, then [ya udah] or it means that it was okay with him.

So, I think that's all for the updates. If I find another scene where this word is being spoken, Insya Allah, I will update this article again. Bye now.