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Ambis Meaning In Indonesian

Halo semuanya, apa kabar kalian? Hello, this time, we're going to talk about the meaning of the word [ambis]. This is a slang term, which is used by younger generations in Indonesia. As always, we're also going to watch a scene from an Indonesian movie where this word is spoken.

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So, let's dive in.

Ambis In the Indonesian Language

Actually, [ambis] is short for [ambisius]. This is actually from an English word, [ambitious]. The meaning is also the same as the ambitious meaning in English.

Ambis means having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed.

Later, we're going to watch a scene from a movie where this word is being used.

How to Pronounce Ambis

Let's listen to how to pronounce ambis in this video.

Next, I'm going to give you three example sentences using the word ambis.

Ambis In Example Sentences

Let's see at three example sentences using the word ambis down below.

Contoh Kalimat (Example Sentences)

English Translation

1. Mereka merupakan anak-anak ambis yang selalu berhasil meraih target mereka.

1. They are ambitious people who always achieve their goals.

2. Loe ambis banget deh jadi orang!

2. You’re such an ambitious person!

3. Mahasiswa-mahasiswa ambis biasanya kita temui di perpustakaan kampus.

3. Ambitious college students usually hang out at the college library.

And below is how the audio version of the example sentences using the word ambis.

Next, let's watch the movie clip where this word is spoken.

Ambis In Movie Clips

This clip is taken from a web series from Umay Shahab's youtube channel. Let's watch the clip down below.

What she said in the clip with English translations is as follows.

Alina: Ini kisah 4 orang siswa yang hidupnya didedikasikan untuk pendidikan. Cie elah! Lebay amat gue! Intinya sih, kita anak-anak ambis yang pengen masuk univ negeri. (This is a story about four students whose lives are dedicated to education. OMG! I'm so exaggerating! The point is, we are ambitious students who want to be accepted at public universities.)

So, those 4 students in the clip are ambitious students who have big dreams in their lives. [Univ] is short for [universitas], which means [university] in English. [Cie elah!] is just an exclamation word. [Pengen] is informal for [ingin], which means [want] in English.

I think that's all for now, and if I find another scene where this word is being spoken, Insya Allah, I will update this article again. Bye now.