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Klepek-klepek Meaning in the Indonesian Language

Halo semuanya, apa kabar kalian? (Hello everyone, how are you all?) This time we're gonna talk about the meaning of klepek-klepek. As always, we will also be going to watch clips where this word is being spoken.

Klepek-klepek Meaning in the Indonesian Language

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Klepek-klepek In the Indonesian Language

The literal meaning of [klepek-klepek] is a physical movement made by animals when they are dying. You can imagine what happens to fish when the water is out. But its figurative meaning is when you are [klepek-klepek], it means that you are powerless, helpless due to love. Your heart melted to what he or she has done or said to you.

For example, someone says a nice thing to you that makes your heart melt. It can then be said that you're in a state of [klepek-klepek]. For example,
Rayuanmu membuat diriku klepek-klepek. (Your sweet-talk make my heart melt.)
There is a song titled klepek-klepek by Hesty. I'll embed the video below.

And later, we will watch a clip in a comedy film that shows the state of klepek-klepek. 

How to Pronounce Klepek-klepek

Let's hear how to pronounce klepek-klepek down below.

Next, let's watch the clip where this word [klepek-klepek] is being spoken.

Klepek-klepek In a Movie Clip

I want to show you what klepek-klepek literally means. This is a clip from a TV program called Opera Van Java. It's a comedy. In this scene, Najwa Shihab tried to sweet-talk Denny Cagur, and after she sweet-talked him, he went klepek-klepek in the literal meaning. Just to show that her words made his heart melt. Let's watch this scene.

The conversation that happened in the clip above with English translation is as follows.

Najwa Shihab: Aku juga pengen gombalin kang Denny. (I want to sweet-talk you too.)

Denny Cagur: Wah! Plis, pegangin gue. Gue takut pingsan. (Wow! Please, hold my hand. I'm afraid that I will pass out.)

Najwa Shihab: Aku tuh orangnya suka belajar. (I love to learn.)

Denny Cagur: Iya. (Okay.)

Najwa Shihab: Dan sejak kenal kamu aku jadi banyak sekali  belajar. (And since I've known you I learned a lot.)

Denny Cagur: Belajar.. Belajar apa? (What did you learn?)

Najwa Shihab: Belajar jadi yang terbaik untuk kamu. (Learn to be the best person for you.)

Azis: Biarin aja, biarin! (Just let him like that, let him!)

Najwa Shihab: Siram air, ya? Siram air ngga? Biar ini.. ngga? (Should I flush water on his face? Should I? So that he'll awake.)

Denny Cagur: Ngga. (Nope.)

Parto: Baru pengen langsung gue kubur. (I just wanted to bury him.)


Denny Cagur: Gila loe, gue digombalin Najwa Shihab! Keren kan? (It is crasy! Najwa Shihab has sweet-talked me! Isn't it awesome?)

When Najwa Shihab said that she wanted to sweet-talk Denny Cagur, Denny said to a person beside him to hold his hand because he was afraid that he will pass out because of Najwa's words. And when Najwa finished her sweet-talk, Denny began klepek-klepek in the literal meaning to show that Najwa's words had melted him.

This movie clip is from a TV program called Tonight Show NET. This is also a comedy. Let's watch the clip down below.

The conversation that happened in the clip above with English translations is as follows.

Abimana: Kenangan ini. Sepotong senja untuk pacarku. (This memory. A piece of dusk for my girlfriend.)

Enzy: Dia maksudnya klepek-klepek. (He's doing that meaning that he became powerless because of his words.)

Desta: Ntar dulu! Loe kenapa kelojotan begitu? (Wait a second. Why did you being convulsed like that?)

In this scene, Abimana was given the word, and then he must make a poem using that word, and after he finished with his poem, suddenly Vincent went klepek-klepek in the literal meaning to show that his heart was melted by Abimana's poem.

So, I hope with these 2 clips, you can get the meaning of klepek-klepek, but if I find another clip where this phrase is spoken, Insha Allah, I will update this article. 

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you'll get something out of it. Take care and bye-bye.