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Bentar In the Indonesian Language

Halo semuanya. Apa kabar? This time, I will talk about the meaning of the word [bentar] in the Indonesian language. As always, we will watch a scene from a movie where this word is spoken. This time, I only found 1 scene from a movie, but as I progress watching more and more movies, and if I find another scene, I will update this article to see another clip from movies where this word is spoken.

Bentar In Indonesian Language

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So, without further ado, let's talk about the meaning of this word.

Bentar In the Indonesian Language

Bentar is short for [sebentar]. It literally means a moment, a short while. Bentar is usually spoken in conversational Indonesian.

Bentar can also be used to get someone's attention when you want to talk to that person. Bentar, in this case, is actually short for [tunggu sebentar]. We drop the word [tunggu] and the syllable [se] in [sebentar]. 

[Tunggu] means [to wait]. Tunggu sebentar means wait for a minute or hold on. Bentar can collocate with other words such as [deh], [sih], [dong], [lah] etc. 

Example Sentences Using Bentar

I just found an Instagram post where this word [bentar] is used. Let's see the screenshot below.

Bentar Example Sentence

Here, I tried to give you an example from a real-life. This sentence was written by real people, so you can see it for yourself. She says this sentence,
Fotoin bentar dong, mumpung lagi bagus ni matahari. (Can you please take a quick photo of me because right not the sunshine is perfect?)
You can see, the word [bentar] here collocates with [dong]. [Dong] in this situation mean [please]. She was asking someone at that very moment to take a picture of her.  

[Fotoin] is informal for [fotokan] = to take a photo. [Ni] is short for [ini] = this. As you can see, in real life, Indonesian people tend to drop words or syllables.

And here is the audio version of the sentence. I record my voice pronouncing that sentence.

Next, let's watch the screenshot below.

Bentar-bentar Example Sentence

This Facebook status is talking about someone. I'm guessing that this Facebook fan page was talking about a woman. It says,
Cakep sih, tapi bentar-bentar update status, dan dunia harus tahu. Ketara penuh dramanya. (Yes, she is pretty, but she always posts status on Facebook every single minute to let the world know about her. She's just full of drama.)
And below is how you pronounce this sentence.

In this sentence, you see the word [bentar] is repeated, and it becomes a phrase [bentar-bentar]. As I told you earlier, [bentar] means a short while, so [bentar-bentar] means [every short while]. In the sentence, he said that the woman posts status on Facebook every single minute or every short while. That's the meaning of [bentar-bentar].

How to Pronounce Bentar

This is how you pronounce bentar. Let's hear it in the video below.

Next, we will see example sentences using this word [bentar].

Bentar In Movie Scenes

This movie clip is taken from an Indonesian movie called Perahu Kertas 1. Let's watch it below.

The conversation in the scene with English translations is as follows.

Kugy: Ee.. Bentar, Nan. Aku mau minjemin kamu sesuatu. (Hey, wait a minute, Nan. I want to lend you something.)

In this scene, Keenan was walking, and then Kugy said [bentar] to get Keenan's attention. Then Keenan stopped, and Kugy said something to him.

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I think that's all for now. If you have any questions regarding this topic, just leave it in the comment section, and I'll be happy to answer your questions. If I find another scene from a movie or video or real-life example sentence, just like above, Insha Allah, I will update this article again. So, bye now.