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Meaning of Ngeh In Indonesian

Halo semuanya, apa kabar kalian semua? This time, we're going to discuss the meaning of the word [ngeh], and as usual, we will watch scenes from movies where this word [ngeh] is spoken. 

Meaning of Ngeh In Indonesian Language

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Meaning of Ngeh In the Indonesian Language

[Ngeh] is an informal word that is used in daily conversations in Indonesia. You will hear this word being spoken a lot in Indonesia's daily conversation.

[Ngeh] means aware, realize, know, dawn on, or have the knowledge about something. Synonyms for [ngeh] are [tahu], [mengerti, ngerti], [sadar].

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I give you example sentences. First example sentence. You're with your friend, then someone is calling your friend, but your friend doesn't hear and realize that the person is calling him. Then you said to your friend that the man is calling him to make your friend realize.

A: Eh, itu orang manggil-manggil loe kali! Loe ngga ngeh ya? (Hey, that man is calling you out. Don't realize it?)

B: Oh iya! Benar juga loe! Gue ngga ngeh sih. (Oh, yes, you are right! I didn't realize it.)

Below is the audio version of the example sentence.

Second example sentence. You just took a class, for example, an art class, and then in that class, you realized something. You just realized that your closest friend also took this class.

Eh, gue baru ngeh lho kalau loe ternyata ikutan di kelas ini juga. (Hey, I just realized that you also took this class.)

And below is the audio version of the example sentence.

Next, let's hear how to pronounce the word [ngeh].

How to Pronounce Ngeh

Let's hear how to pronounce [ngeh] in the video below.

Next, let's watch scenes from movies where this word [ngeh] is spoken.

Ngeh In Movie Scenes

The first scene is taken from a web series called Cinta Di Balik Awan 2. Let's watch the clip below.

Conversation in the scene with English translations is as follows.

Dimas: Ehm, loe baru masuk klub ya? Kok gue baru ngeh? (You just joined the club, eh? I guess this is my first time seeing you here.)

Tara: Baru sih. Baru kaya dua harian gitu terus elo udah kayanya liburan deh, jadi kaya ngga ketemu gitu. (I’m new here. I just joined two days ago, and then I think you went for a holiday. That’s why we never met.)

Dimas: Ooo. (I see.)

In this scene, Dimas met Tara for the first time, and when he said [kok gue baru ngeh?], Dimas just realized that Tara also joined the club that's he's in.

So, I think that's all for now. If I find another scene where this word [ngeh] is spoken, Insha Allah, I will update this article again so you can have a lot of real example that the Indonesian people are using.

Thank you and see you soon. Bye now.