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Ujug-ujug in the Indonesian Language

Halo semuanya. Ketemu lagi dengan saya, Iman Prabawa. This time, I want to talk to you about the meaning of the phrase [ujug-ujug] in the Indonesian language. As always, we will watch scenes from movies where this phrase is spoken.

Ujug-ujug in the Indonesian Language

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So, let's talk about the meaning of this phrase.

Ujug-ujug in the Indonesian Language

[Ujug-ujug] has the same meaning as [tiba-tiba]. It means suddenly and without warning. [Ujug-ujug] is considered an informal phrase, whereas [tiba-tiba] is a formal phrase in the Indonesian language.

How to Pronounce Ujug-ujug

Here is how to pronounce [ujug-ujug] in Bahasa Indonesia.

Moving on, let's look at examples where [ujug-ujug] is used by Indonesians.

Examples of Ujug-ujug In Use

In this section, I will collect examples from movies, YouTube videos, comics, and whatnot where the phrase [ujug-ujug] is spoken. By looking at these examples, I hope to make it easier for you to understand the meaning and how to use this phrase.

The first example that we are about to watch is taken from a TV Program called Trans7 Lifestyle. Let's watch it below.

The conversation in the scene above with English translations is as follows.

Andhika: Tapi di antara kita semua, Anda yang paling sering akhir-akhir ini keluar masuk kantor ini. Kantor Anda kan bukan di sini. Di sana. (But among us all, you are the one who frequently comes in and out to this office. Your office is not here. Your office is over there.)

Wendy: Betul. (Right.)

Hesty: Ntar dulu. Jadi, maksudnya kalian curiga sama gue? (Wait. So, you mean you guys are suspicious of me?)

Wendy: Oh iya dong. (Yeah, of course.)

Taufik: Ya, bisa aja dicurigai. (Yes, you can be suspected.)

Wendy: Bisa aja. (Yeah, can be.)

Hesty: Kenapa kok tiba-tiba dan ujug-ujug, gitu? Curiga.. (Why is it so sudden like that? I wonder..)

Wendy: Anda aja bisa ninggalin ketiga teman Anda di sana. (Because you just abandon your three friends there.)

In the scene, something is missing, and Hesty is being suspected by her friends in this scene. Hesty was wondering why all of a sudden she was being suspected. Hesty said two words that have the same meaning in this scene, [tiba-tiba] and[ujug-ujug]. Maybe you are wondering, why is that?

Actually, you can just use one instead of two words that have the same meaning, like what Hesty said in the scene, but she said it like that just to emphasize the suddenness.

You can just use one and say it like this,
Kenapa kok tiba-tiba, gitu?
Or, you can also say this,
Kenapa kok ujug-ujug, gitu?
Hesty uses two words, [ujug-ujug] and [tiba-tiba] because she is shocked that she is the one who is being suspected by her friends. All of a sudden, her friends accused her of being the thief.

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So, I guess this is all for now. If I find another scene where the phrase [ujug-ujug] is spoken, Insha Allah, I will update this article again. Thank you for reading this article, and I'll see you soon. Bye now.