Ngentot Meaning In Bahasa

Mentahnya Meaning In Indonesian

Halo semuanya. Apa kabar? Ketemu lagi dengan saya, Iman Prabawa. This time, I want to talk about the meaning of [mentahnya] in the Indonesian language. We will also watch scenes from movies where this word is spoken.

Mentahnya Meaning In Bahasa

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So, let's talk about this. Shall we?

Mentahnya Meaning In the Indonesian Language

[Mentah] in literal meaning means something that is still in the raw state, or if we talk about fruits, it's unripe fruits.

Situation: You want to give someone a gift, and when you hand the gift to him, he asks for [mentahnya]. It means that he wants the money instead of the gift you're giving. So, if someone says that they wish to have [mentahnya], they ask for the money instead of having the gift.

Examples of Mentahnya In Use

In this section, you will see examples from movies, youtube videos, and whatnot, where you will see how the word [mentahnya] is used by the Indonesian people.

The first clip we are about to see is from a TV series, Suami-suami Masa Kini (2022). Let's watch the clip below.

Below is what he says in the scene above with English translations.

Security Guard: Pak Yuda emang paling manteb dah! Orang minta mentahnya dia kasih sebotol-botolnya. Hehehe. (Mr. Yuda is the best! I asked for the money, but he gave me the whole bottle instead. Hahaha.)

In this scene, Japra is a security guard in an office, and that night, Mr. Yuda, who works in this office building, comes with his friends for karaoke. He meets Japra, the security guard, and asks him to oversee the building and do his job well.

Japra, the security guard, then asks Mr. Yuda for the tip money, but then Mr. Yuda gives him one big liquor bottle to enjoy. 

So, [mentahnya] in this context means money.

Vocabulary From the Scene

[Emang] is short for [memang] = indeed, of course.

[Manteb] = [mantep] = [mantap] = very good, the best, nice, good job.

[Dah] is just an expression word that has no meaning. You can just omit that, and the meaning doesn't change.

[Orang] in this case doesn't mean [people] but [orang] in this case is used to state something opposite. If I rephrase the sentence [orang minta mentahnya, dia kasih sebotol-botolnya] it will become [padahal saya minta uangnya, dia kasih satu botol penuh (I asked for the money but he gave me one big bottle instead.]

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I guess this wraps up today's article. If I find another example, Insha Allah, I will update this article again. If you have any questions regarding this, just leave them in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading this article, and I'll talk to you soon. Bye now.