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How to Say Come On In In Bahasa

Halo semuanya, ketemu lagi dengan saya, Iman Prabawa. In this article, we will learn how to say [come on in] in the Indonesian language. As always, we will watch examples from movies where this phrase is used and spoken by Indonesians.

How to Say Come On In In Bahasa

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Let's talk about it, shall we? 

How to Say Come On In In the Indonesian Language

You will hear Indonesian people say this if they let you enter their house. This one is the formal one.

Silakan masuk.

And this is how you pronounce it.

This phrase is formal, and usually, if you use this phrase to let someone enter your house, you're all set.

And if they are your close friend, they maybe say something like this. This is usually for close friends or someone that you already know well.

Masuk, yuk.

And this is how you pronounce it. 

Next, we will watch examples of phrases like these spoken by the Indonesian people.

Examples of Silakan Masuk In Use

In this section, you will see examples from movies where Indonesian people let people enter their houses. There will be a slight variation in how they say it, and you will see them here.

The first example we are about to watch is from Teka Teki Tika (2021). Let's watch the clip below.

Below is the conversation from the clip above with English translations.

Andre: Ini Jane. (This is Jane.)

Andre’s Mother: Warna rambutnya beda, ya? (Oh, she changed her hair color, did she?)

Andre: Orangnya juga beda, mi. (This is a different person, mom.)

Andre’s Mother: Oh, ganti lagi. (Oh, you brought a new one.)

Jane: Halo, tante. Aku Jane. (Hello ma'am. I'm Jane.)

Andre’s Mother: Hai, Jane. Masuk, yuk. (Hi, Jane. Come on in.)

Andre: Yuk. (Let’s go.)

In this scene, Andre brings his new girlfriend to his house, and she meets his mother. After Andre introduces her to his mother, then his mother invites them to come into the house by saying,
Masuk yuk.
As you can see, Andre's mom says this because she is her kid's friend. Let's learn the vocabulary used in this scene.

Vocabulary From the Scene

[Ini (someone's name)] <--- This format is usually used when you introduce someone new.

[Warna] = color.

[Rambut] = hair.

[Beda] = different. By saying [warna rambutnya beda], Andre's mother thinks that Andre's girlfriend just dyed her hair with a different hair color, which, in fact, Andre just brought a different person.

[Oh, ganti lagi], is in fact, would be translated as [oh, change again], which means that she just realized her son brought a new girlfriend and not the person that Andre used to bring to her house.

[Yuk] is a word that is used if you want to invite people to come with you or to do something with you.

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So, I guess this is all for today. If I find another example, Insha Allah, I will update this article again. Thank you for reading this article, and I'll see you soon. Bye now.