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Ngapain Meaning In Indonesian

Halo, ketemu lagi dengan saya, Iman Prabawa. In this article, I want to talk to you about the meaning of the word [ngapain] in Indonesian. As always, we are also going to be looking at examples from movies, YouTube videos, headline news, comics, and others where Indonesians use the word.  

Ngapain Meaning In Indonesian

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So, without further ado, let's talk about this.

Ngapain In Indonesian

[Ngapain] can have more than one meaning, depending on the context.

The first meaning of [ngapain] is used to question the purpose or reason for an action or plan.
Example sentence:
1. Ngapain sih beli bra mahal-mahal? (Why buy expensive bras?)

Example of Ngapain 01

The sentence [ngapain sih beli bra mahal-mahal?] has the same meaning as [buat apa sih beli bra mahal-mahal?], so you can replace [ngapain] with [buat apa].

2. Pak, ngapain sih kita repot-repot kuliah? (Sir, why do we even bother going to college?)

Example of Ngapain 02

[Ngapain] in this sentence can be replaced with [buat apa]. So, [Pak, ngapain sih kita repot-repot kuliah?] has the same meaning as [Pak, buat apa sih kita repot-repot kuliah?].

3. Netizen: Ngapain sih Gus Iddam jabat tangan selalu ucapkan 'ngapunten'? (Netizen: Why does Gus Igdam always say 'ngapunten' when shaking hands)

Example of Ngapain 03

[Ngapain] in this sentence can be replaced with [kenapa]. So, [Ngapain sih Gus Igdam jabat tangan selalu ucapkan 'ngapunten'?] has the meaning as [Kenapa sih Gus Igdam jabat tangan selalu ucapkan 'ngapunten'?]

The second meaning of [ngapain] is used to ask things to do. [Ngapain] here can be replaced with [melakukan apa].
Example sentence:
1. Seharian di Likupang bisa ngapain aja sih? (What can you do all day in Likupang?)

Example of Ngapain 04

So, this sentence [Seharian di Likupang bisa ngapain aja sih?] has the same meaning as [Seharian di Likupang bisa melakukan apa aja sih?]

2. Di rumah bingung mau ngapain? (Wondering what to do at home?)

Example of Ngapain 05

So, this sentence [Di rumah bingung mau ngapain?] has the same meaning as [Di rumah bingung mau melakukan apa?].

How to Pronounce Ngapain

Here is how you pronounce [ngapain] in bahasa Indonesia.

Next, let's watch examples where Indonesians use the word [ngapain].

Video Examples of Ngapain In Use

The first example we are about to watch is taken from Di Bulan Suci Ini... Episode 1 (2023). Let's look at the clip below.

Below is the conversation from the clip above with English translations.

Ama: Ngga mungkin lah! Si Mbok kan takut naik pesawat. Ngga mau dia naik pesawat, ah! (It's impossible! Mbok is afraid of flying on an airplane. She wouldn't want to go on a plane.)

Sri: Kan lebih cepet sampenya. (But it's faster.)

Ama: Tapi kan, Sri. Aku sama si Mbok udah janjian, mo ke Banyuwangi bareng. (But, Sri. Mbok and I had made a promise that we would go to Banyuwangi together.)

Sri: Mo ngapain? (What for?)

Ama: Ceng beng lah. Ama ikut, yah? (To do Ceng Beng, of course. Can I go with you, please?)

Wisnu: Maaf, Ama. Ngga bisa. Udah penuh barangnya. (Sorry, Ama. We can't let you go with us. The car is already full of stuff.)

Sri says [mo ngapain?] in this clip. [Ngapain] in this clip refers to the first meaning I explained above, which is asking the purpose or reason for an action.

Vocabulary From the Clip

[Ngga mungkin] = impossible.

[Lah] in [ngga mungkin lah!] has no meaning. Its function is only to emphasize.

[Takut] = afraid.

[Sampe] is informal for [sampai] = arrived at the destination.

[Udah] is a common reduction for [sudah] = already.

[Bareng] = together.

[Ceng Beng] = Let's watch the clip below. This clip below explains the meaning of Ceng Beng.

[Mo] is informal for [mau] = want.

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That wraps up today's article. If I find another example, Insha Allah, I will update this article again. Thank you, and I'll see you soon. Bye now.