Ngentot Meaning In Bahasa

Nemplok Meaning In Indonesian

Halo semuanya, ketemu lagi sama saya, Iman Prabawa. In this article, I want to talk to you about the meaning of the word [nemplok] in Indonesian. As always, we are also going to be looking at examples where Indonesians use the word [nemplok].

Nemplok Meaning In Indonesian

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Nemplok In Bahasa Indonesia

[Nemplok] means to stick onto something or someone tightly. Synonyms for [nemplok] is [nempel].

Example sentences:

1. Kalo cicak mah nemplok di dinding, petugas DISHUB nemplok di kap mobil. Beda tempat, sama-sama jago nemplok! (If the lizard sticks to the wall, the DISHUB officer sticks to the hood of the car. Different places, but both are good at sticking!)

Example of Nemplok 1

2. Bapak ini kayak cicak-cicak di dinding yah. Tiba-tiba nemplok aja. (This man is like house geckos on the wall. Out of the blue, they stick.)

Example of Nemplok 2

3. Udang nemplok di tahu. (The shrimp stick to the tofu.)

Example of Nemplok 3

In the above picture, it is a fried tofu with shrimp stuck to it. That's why she gave her dish such a title.

How to Pronounce Nemplok

Here is how you pronounce [nemplok] in bahasa Indonesia.

Moving on, let's watch short clips where the word [nemplok] is spoken by Indonesians.

Examples of Nemplok In Use 

The first example we are about to watch is from Trans7's Official YouTube channel. Let's look at the clip below.

Below is the conversation from the clip above with English translations.

Edward Akbar: Masalahnya, kalo kita udah begitu walaupun itu profesi atau profesionalisme atau apa tapi tetep aja itu ada energi, gitu lho. Bo'ong! Mau ada teknisnya. Oh, ngga kok kita nanti bisa gini gini gini. Selama itu nemplok! (The problem is, if we do that, even though people say it's a matter of professionalism or whatever it is, there's still human lust there, you know. For sure! Even though some might say there is a procedure for that, we can do this, and this, and this. But as long as the lips are touching!)

Irfan Hakim: He'eh. Bener. Iya. (Yeah. Right, I agree with you.)

Edward Akbar: Pasti ada energi, gitu dan pasti rezekinya akan dihambat. Udah. Jelas. (There will be human lust there, and obviously, your sustenance will be hampered. It's obvious.)

Edward Akbar is an Indonesian actor, and in this clip, the host is asking about whether he accepts movies where there are any kissing scenes. Edward Akbars says that he doesn't want to be involved in movies where there is a kissing scene that he must do.

[Selama itu nemplok] in this clip roughly translates to the lips of a man sticking to the lip of a woman when they are kissing. So, the lips are touching, that's what it means from this context.

Vocabulary From the Clip

[Masalah] = problem.

[Kalo] is informal for [kalau] = if.

[Udah] is short for [sudah] = already.

[Bo'ong] = [bohong] = lie.

[He'eh] is when you agree with what someone says. For a detailed explanation of this, see this article: He'eh In Indonesian.

[Bener] is informal for [benar] = true.

[Jelas] = obvious.

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I think that's gonna be it for today. If I find another example, Insha Allah, I will update this article again. Thank you, and bye now.