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Kepedean Meaning In Indonesian

Halo semuanya, apa kabar? This time we're going to talk about the meaning of [kepedean] in the Indonesian language. As always, we're going to watch a scene from an Indonesian movie where this word is spoken.

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So, let's dive in!

Kepedean In the Indonesian Language

Kepedean comes from the word pede, which is actually written as PD. If you pronounce this, it will sound the same as pede, so that's why it's written in this fashion. This acronym stands for [Percaya Diri]. Percaya diri means self-confidence.

If you said that someone is [kepedean], it means that he or she has more confidence than it is sensible to be, often in an annoying way.

Kepedean also means [terlalu PD] or [terlalu pede] or [terlalu percaya diri]. [Terlalu] means [over]

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Next, let's hear how to pronounce this word.

How to Pronounce Kepedean

Let's hear how to pronounce kepedean in the video below.

Next, I will you 3 example sentences using this word kepedean.

Example Sentences Using Kepedean

Let's look at example sentences down below.

Contoh Kalimat (Example Sentences)

English Translation

1. Loe kepedean banget sih jadi orang? Belum tentu juga dia suka sama loe.

1. You’re brimming with confidence! You still don’t know it yet, whether she likes you too or not.

2. Jangan suka kepedean deh jadi orang, ntar loe malah malu sendiri.

2. Don’t be such an overconfident person, or you’ll be ashamed of yourself.

3. Kamu itu kadang suka terlalu percaya diri ya? Seringkali rasa percaya diri yang terlalu tinggi seperti ini akan membuat kamu jadi terlihat sombong di mata orang-orang.

3. Sometimes I feel like you’re brimming with confidence too much. Often times, this overconfident thing will make you look like an arrogant person.

Let's look at the third example sentence. In this example, I'm using [terlalu percaya diri] instead of [kepedean] because both have the same meaning, but the third example sentence is more formal than the other two.

And below is the audio version of example sentences. I read it aloud so that you know how to pronounce these sentences.

Next, let's watch a movie clip where this word [kepedean] is spoken.

Kepedean In Movie Clips

This clip is taken from a television program in Indonesia called FTV Cinta Dalam Dompet. Let's watch the clip down below.

The conversation in the scene above with English translations is as follows.

Reno: Loe! Apaan sih? Hah! Loe dateng-dateng maen rangkul-rangkul gue doang. Eh, gue tahu ya! Gue tahu ya gue ganteng! Gue tahu gue ganteng. Semua orang tuh rata-rata cewe ngejar gue. Gue tahu! Tapi ngga gini caranya. Elegan dikit dong! Ntar kalo gebetan gue liat, gimana? Ha? (Hey you! What are you doing? You came out of the blue and then just hugged me. Hey, I know! I know that I'm handsome! I know it. I know that girls are crazy for me. I know that! But, please don't you do like this! At least you do it with style! What if my crush sees this, ha?)

Kinan: Dih! Kepedean banget loe jadi cowo! Ya, sorry! Gue salah orang. Gue kira tadi, loe gebetan baru gue. Ternyata salah deh. (Hey! You're being overconfident! Sorry! I had the wrong guy. I just thought that you were my crush.)

Reno: Hmm.

Kinan: Udah ah! (Bye!)

Reno: Loe! Enak aja loe main pergi aja! Loe udah meluk-meluk gue, injek-injek gue terus main pergi aja, gitu? (You! You just go like that? After you hugged me, stomped my feet, and then you just walk away? Not so fast, girl!)

Kinan: Ya udah, kan gue udah minta maaf. Ih, loe ih! (Hey, I've made an apology to you. Come on!)

In the scene above, Kinan, all of a sudden, hugged Reno. Actually, they don't know each other. Kinan was doing that to prove to her friend that she also had a boyfriend. So, she tried to just hug anyone who looks rich, and it happened to be Reno, who just got out of his car. 

Being treated like that, Reno didn't like it, and then he bragged that he knew that he was a handsome man, and he said to Kinan that he also knew that girls are crazy about him. After heard Reno said that, Kinan said this to him.
Kepedean banget loe jadi cowo! (Literal translation: As a man, you're being overconfident!)
If I rephrase this sentence into a formal sentence, it will become.
Anda terlalu percaya diri! (You're being overconfident!)
I'll explain a little about the vocabulary used in this conversation.

[Dateng] is informal for [datang]. It means [to come].
[Ngejar] is informal for [mengejar]. It means [to chase].
[Gebetan] is someone that you have a crush on.
[Liat] is informal for [lihat]. It means [to see].
[Udah] is informal for [sudah]. It means [already].
[Aja] is informal for [saja]. It means [just].

So, I think that's all for now. If I find another scene in a movie where this word is spoken, Insya Allah, I will update it again. If you have any questions regarding this topic, you can ask me in the comment section below, and I'll be happy to answer your questions. I'll talk to you soon, and bye-bye.


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