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Au Ah Gelap Meaning In Indonesian

Halo semuanya, apa kabar? This time, we're going to talk about the meaning of the phrase [au ah gelap] in the Indonesian language. As always, we will watch a clip where this phrase is spoken.

Au Ah Gelap Meaning In Indonesian Language

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So, without further ado, let's talk about this.

Au Ah Gelap In the Indonesian Language

This phrase [au ah gelap], if I make this into a formal sentence, it will become.

Saya tidak tahu ah. Gelap.

[Saya] = I.

[Tidak tahu] = don't know.

[Ah] here doesn't have any meaning, just to emphasize the previous words [don't know].

[Gelap] = dark.

So, if this [saya tidak tahu ah. Gelap] translated literally, it means,

I don't know. It's dark. (*dark here means it's not clear)

Then in daily conversation, people in Indonesia drop the word [saya] and [tidak] and letters [a] and [h] in the word [tahu], and then it becomes,

Au ah gelap.

And the actual meaning of [au ah gelap] is,

I don't know and I don't care.

Or it can be just,

I don't care.

Let's learn how to pronounce this phrase.

How to Pronounce Au Ah Gelap

Let's hear how to pronounce au ah gelap in the video below video.

Next, let's watch a clip where this phrase is spoken.

Au Ah Gelap In Movie Clips

This is taken from Dalang Pelo's youtube channel. Let's watch the clip below.

The conversation in the clip with English translations is as follows.

Acil: Aduh aduh aduh. Gimana sih kamu, Leri? Gimana mau lulus kalo kamu kayak gini terus? Gak pernah mau maju. Gimana mau sukses coba? (Oh, my God! What is it with you? How do you want to graduate if you always like this? You never want to move forward in your life. How can you be successful then?)
Leri: Halah. Berisik lu! Semua udah diatur sama Yang Diatas, Cil. (Hey, you’re so noisy! God has arranged everything, Cil.)

Acil: Ya, tapi kan kamu juga harus memilih mau ke mana arah hidup kamu Leri. (Yeah, but you have to choose where you want your life to be headed to, Leri.
Leri: Au ah gelap. (Yeah, whatever you say. I don't care.)

In this scene, Acil gave advise to his friend Leri, and then Leri said,
Au ah gelap.
In this context, it means that Leri doesn't really care about it.

Vocabulary from the scene
[Aduh] is usually said when someone is hurting. It's like [ouch] in English. But in this context, [aduh aduh aduh] means that Acil couldn't believe what Leri was doing at that moment. He didn't prepare at all for the exam that they were going to have.

[Kayak] = [kaya] = [kek] = like.

[Kaya gini] = like this.

[Kalo] is informal for [kalau] = if.

[Berisik] = noisy. You can read more in my article titled Berisik Meaning In the Indonesian Language.

[Lu] = [lo] = [loe] is informal for [kamu]. It means [you]. You can read more in my article titled Loe Meaning In the Indonesian Language.

[Memilih] = to choose.

[Arah] = direction.

[Tapi] = but.

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