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Hoki Meaning In Bahasa

Halo semuanya, ketemu lagi dengan saya, Iman Prabawa. In this article, I want to talk to you about the meaning of the word [hoki] in the Indonesian language, and as always, we will watch examples from movies, youtube videos, and whatnot where the word [hoki] is spoken.

Hoki Meaning In Bahasa

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Without further ado, let's begin!

Meaning of Hoki In the Indonesian Language

The first meaning of [hoki] refers to a sports name, such as field hockey (hoki lapangan), ice hockey (hoki es), etc.

The second meaning of [hoki] was when you got lucky, or the luck was on your side. An example sentence for this would be.

Dia kayanya hoki aja tuh bisa masuk universitas keren UI, orang gue ngga pernah lihat dia belajar. (I think he just got lucky that he can be accepted at the prestigious college, University of Indonesia, because I never saw him study.)

Below is the audio version of the sentence above.

Next, let's hear how to pronounce the word [hoki].

How to Pronounce Hoki

This is how you pronounce [hoki] in the Indonesian language.

Next, we will watch examples from movies where the word [hoki] is spoken.

Examples of Hoki In Use

The first clip we are about to watch is taken from a movie, Teka Teki Tika (2021). Let's watch the clip below.

Below is the conversation from the scene with English translations.

Budi: Iya, pah. Pokoknya pasti Budi beresin, pah. (Okay, dad. I will definitely fix this, dad.)

Sherly’s Father: Ya harus, dong. Lu yang bikin masalah, elu yang harus beresin. (Yeah, you must fix it. You are the one who is causing the problem, and you are the one who will fix it.)

Sherly: Pah, Budi kan niatnya baik. Cuma memang belum hoki aja. (Dad, Budi had good intentions when doing it. Yet, the luck was not on his side.)

In this scene, Sherly defends her husband by saying that his husband actually has good intentions, but luck is not on his side yet.

Vocabulary From the Scene

[Iya] = yes. [Iya] is usually said if you agree with someone or you agree to follow an order from someone.

[Beresin] is the colloquial way of saying [bereskan], which in this case means to take care of something.

[Dong] is a phatic expression that has no meaning but gives emotion to the sentence. You can erase it, and the meaning does not change.

[Lu] = [elu] is informal for [Anda] = you. You can read my article, Lu Meaning In Bahasa, for more about this.

[Bikin masalah] = causing trouble.

[Niat] = intention.

[Baik] = good.

[Aja] is short for [saja] = just. In daily conversation, Indonesian people tend to drop letters when speaking, like in this example.

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I guess that's it for today's article. If I find another example, Insha Allah, I will update this article again. Thank you for reading this article, and I'll see you soon. Bye now.