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Curhat Meaning In Indonesian

Halo, ketemu lagi dengan saya, Iman Prabawa. In this article, I want to talk to you about the meaning of the word [curhat] in Indonesian, and as always, we will watch clips from movies and whatnot where the word [curhat] is spoken by Indonesians.

Curhat Meaning In Indonesian

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Meaning of Curhat In Bahasa Indonesia

[Curhat] is a combined word. It combines the words [curahan] and [hati] and smushes them together to form the word [curhat].

[Curhat] or [CURahan HATi] is when you are trying to tell something to someone who you consider close to you, and usually, what you are trying to tell is personal matters.

It's common to hear the word [curhat] being used by Indonesians in daily conversations in Indonesia, so I guess the term [curhat] is no longer a slang term, or in Indonesian, we call it [bahasa gaul]. [Curhat] is considered [bahasa sehari-hari] or a colloquial word that is used in daily conversations.

How to Pronounce Curhat

Here is how you pronounce [curhat] in Bahasa Indonesia.

Next, we will watch clips where Indonesians say the word [curhat].

Examples of Curhat In Use

The first clip we are about to watch is from DOA: Cari Jodoh (2018). Let's watch the clip below.

Below is the conversation from the scene above with English translations.

Pak Camat: Jadi, begini. Saya bisa menangkan kamu! Tapi syaratnya jauhin Suci. Enteng, tho? (Here's the thing. I can make you a winner. But you need to stay away from Suci. It's easy, right?)

Doyok: Ga bisa, pak. Hati saya sudah milik Suci. Coba bapak bayangkan. Berapa lama saya menantikan? Tiap hari saya doa siang malam. Tiap mimpi didatengin terus sama ibu saya, pak. 40 tahun saya ini.. (I can't do that, sir. My heart belongs to Suci. Can you imagine how long I have been waiting for her? I pray for her night and day. My mother always shows up in my dream, sir. In 40 years of my life..)

Pak Camat: Heh! Malah curhat. (Hey! Too much information!)

In this scene, Pak Camat is trying to bribe Doyok for not getting to close to Suci, a woman who Pak Camat likes. Pak Camat then bargains with Doyok to make him stay away from Suci, but Doyok refuses, and somehow Doyok [curhat] to Pak Camat by revealing information that is too personal to Pak Camat.

Vocabulary From the Scene

[Camat] is the head of the district. The word [pak] in [Pak Camat] is just an honorific title used to address politely to him.

[Jadi, begini] is usually used when you want to start talking about something.

[Menangkan] is short for [memenangkan] = to make someone a winner.

[Kamu] is informal for [Anda] = you.

[Jauhin] is the conversational way of saying [jauhi] = to stay away from someone or something.

[Enteng] = [gampang] = [mudah] = easy.

[Tho] comes from the Javanese language. It has the same meaning as [kan], or in English, it is like [right?], or a word when you ask for someone's approval.

[Ga bisa] = [tidak bisa] = can not.

[Hati] = heart.

[Milik] = belongs to, owned by.

[Bapak] = father, sir. For more about this, you can read my article, Pak In Indonesian.

[Berapa lama] = how long.

[Menantikan] = [menunggu] = to wait.

[Tiap] = every.

[Tiap hari] = every day.

[Siang malam] = night and day.

[Mimpi] = dream.

[Didatengin] is the conversational way of saying [didatangi] = visited.

[Ibu] = mother.

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So, this wraps up today's article. If I find another clip where the word [curhat] is spoken, Insha Allah, I will update this article again. Thank you very much, and I'll see you soon. Bye now.