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Baper Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

Apa kabar kalian semuanya? (How are y'all?) Today, I'm going to talk about the slang word in Bahasa Indonesia, which is baper. We're also going to watch scenes from Indonesian movies where this slang word is spoken.

Baper Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

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So, let's jump right in.

Baper In Bahasa Indonesia

[Baper] is an acronym for [bawa perasaan]. If I translate this word for word, [bawa] means to bring, and [perasaan] means feeling. So, if translated word for word, [baper] implies that you bring your feeling. I'm going to explain this in detail, and with two scenes that I got from movies, you can understand it better.

Baper means that you include your feelings in something you do or easily get emotional when talking about something.

Next, let's hear how to pronounce this word baper.

How to Pronounce Baper

Let's hear how to pronounce baper down below.

Next, I will give three example sentences using [baper] to better understand the meaning and how to use this word.

Example Sentences Using Baper

Three example sentences using the word [baper].

The first example sentence is.
Jangan baperan deh jadi orang! Ntar orang malas berteman sama loe.
The English translation for this sentence is.
Don't be a temperamental person! People won't hang out with you!
Baperan here can mean temperamental, not always being angry but always annoyed by little things that do not matter.

The second example sentence is.
Kok loe jadi baper gitu sih? Gue ngga bermaksud ngingetin loe sama dia lho.
The English translation for this sentence is.
Why are you being emotional like this? I didn't mean to make you remember him again.

The third example sentence is.
Kedekatan pasangan ini membuat orang-orang jadi pada baper.
The English translation for this sentence is.
The romance that this couple had made people jealous.

Next, we will see examples of how Indonesian people use the word [baper] in real examples.

Examples of Baper in Use

This section will gather real examples of how Indonesian people use the word [baper]. So, I will put here, like, scenes from movies, youtube videos, comics, and whatnot where the word [baper] is being used.

The first scene that we're about to watch is taken from a movie called Tertusuk Cinta Sate Padang. Let's watch the first scene down below.

Conversation in the scene with English translation is as follows.
Woman: Tapi perasaan, Ferry ngga kaya-kaya banget, deh. (But from what I know, Ferry is not that rich.) 
Man: Heh? Masa? Bukannya dia tajir melintir, ya? Sampe-sampe cewe ngerumunin dia. (Really? Isn't he soo rich? Lots of girls want to hang around with him because of that.) 
Woman: Eh, enak aja! Maksud loe apa? Gue jadian sama Ferry itu bukan gara-gara dia kaya, tapi karena dia itu dulunya baik. (What?! What do you mean by that? I was dating Ferry not because he is rich, but because he used to be a good man.) 
Man: Ei, baper. (Hey, you're getting emotional on this.) 
Woman: Ngga kok! Orang.. ya.. gue.. gue.. (No, I'm not! It's.. just..) 
Man: Hmm, lagi mikirin Ferry, ya? (So, you're thinking about Ferry now?) 
Woman: Ngga! Gue itu cuma.. (No! I was just..)
In this scene, they were talking about Ferry, the man that the woman once dated. When the man said that Ferry was very rich, he was always surrounded by girls, and then the woman got offended.

She felt that he was accusing her that she dated Ferry because he was rich. In this situation, we can see the meaning of [baper], where this woman involves her own feeling in this situation.

That's why she got offended, and she tried to defend herself, and then the man realized that the woman just involving her heart in this, and then he said this word [baper].

Vocabulary From the Scene

[Tapi perasaan...] <--- this phrase is usually used when you want to deny something based on what you know, but you don't know exactly the truth of the fact. In literal translation, [tapi] means but, and [perasaan] means feeling.

[Masa] is an expression used when you are feeling surprised. It's like [really?] in English.

[Bukannya...] <--- is used when you want to deny something and give a fact to your denial.

[Tajir melintir] = very rich.

[Sampe] is the colloquial way of saying [sampai] = until.

[Cewe] is the informal word for [perempuan] = girls.

[Ngerumunin] is the colloquial way of saying [mengerumuni] = gather around.

[Enak aja!] can have many meanings, but [enak aja] used to deny something that someone just said. When you disagree with what someone just said, you can say this phrase like in this scene.

[Mikirin] is the colloquial way of saying [memikirkan] = to think about something.

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The second example is taken from a movie called Pacar Jago Dagang. Let's watch the scene.

Conversation in the scene with English translation is as follows.
Woman: Loe ngapain sih? Loe ngikutin gue! (What are you doing? You are following me!) 
Man: Eh! Loe itu ngambil pelanggan gue! Sekarang ngga ada lagi yang beli sama gue. (Hey! You took all my customers! Now, nobody wants to buy from me!) 
Woman: Ya, derita loe lah! Lagian, baru putus, baper. Hii, nangis termehek-mehek. Lebay loe jadi cowo! (That's your problem! You just broke up with your girlfriend and now you're getting emotional and crying. As a man, you’re exaggerating too much! That's not a man!) 
Man: Loe ngambil kesempatan dalam kesempitan ya? Heh! (You took a change from me! Heh!) 
Woman: Apaan sih loe? (What the hell are you saying?) 
Man: Ngaku aja loe! (Just confessed!) 
Woman: Ih! Enak aja. (No, I’m not!)
As you can see from the scene, the woman said this,
Lagian, baru putus, baper.
So, in this scene, the man just broke up with her girlfriend, and the woman accused him that he involved his heart in this because of that reason. [Baper] here means because he just broke up with his girlfriend, he was being temperamental and vent his anger to her.

[Lagian] here actually has no meaning, just a filler word to emphasize the word [baru putus]. [Baru putus means just broke up. So, because he just broke up with his girlfriend, the woman accused him that he acted temperamental because he involved his heart.

The third example is taken from a TV Program called Opera Van Java. Let's watch the clip.

Conversations that happened in that clip with English translation are as follows.

Najwa Shihab: Tolong dibuktikan kelihaian Anda! (Show me your sweet-talking skills!) 

Denny Cagur: Sama? (To who?)

Najwa Shihab: Anda berani tidak merayu saya? (Do you have the courage to sweet-talk me?)

Parto: Den.. Ayo, Den! (Come on, Den!)

Denny Cagur: Tim Kreatif, bisa ngga gue ngga usah gombalin mba Najwa? Takutnya gue baper, pake perasaan. (Creative team, may I please not to sweet-talk to Najwa? I'm afraid that I'll get caught up in love, involving my feeling into this.)

Najwa Shihab: Jago emang dia. Jago ya? (He's so good. Isn't he?)

In this scene, Denny Cagur was known as a man of sweet-talking. Najwa Shihab challenged him to sweet-talk her. But Denny said that he was too afraid that he'll involve his heart in this because she is Najwa Shihab. That's why he said this,
Takutnya gue baper.
It means that he was afraid that he'll involve his feeling in this sweet-talking thing and fell in love with Najwa Shihab.

This fourth clip is taken from Najwa Shihab and Nicole Zefanya's conversation on Najwa Shihab's youtube channel. Let's watch the clip down below.

The conversation between Niki and Najwa, with English translations, is as follows.

Niki: Iya. Itu single ketiga dari album Niki yang mau nanti dikeluarinnya September. It's called Moon Child. Iya, aku ada feeling sih kayanya Indonesia bakalan suka lagu ini karena biasanya orang Indonesia tuh sukanya yang baper. Yang bisa galau, gitu. (Yeah, that's my third single from my album, which will be released in September. It's called Moon Child. I had a feeling that Indonesian people would like this song because, as far as I know, most Indonesian people love sentimental things. Things that could make them get caught in an emotional moment.)

Najwa Shihab: Kamu tahu banget! Tahu banget deh! (You know it so well! Yeah, you know Indonesian people really well!)

Niki: Ya, kan? (Am I right?)

Here, Niki used the word [baper], in the sense that, for things that could make people get caught in an emotional feeling. Niki said that Indonesian people love songs that could make them get caught in an emotional feeling. This is the meaning of baper in this context.

The fifth example is from a post that I saw on Facebook. Let's see the screenshot below where the word [baper] is being used in there.

Baper Example 01

The sentence in which the word [baper] is found is in this sentence.
Video ini pun juga membuat baper warganet. (This video moved the Indonesian netizens.)
This is a post about a man who proposes to his partner. He comes far away from Indonesia to Japan to do this. He gives a ring and proposes to his partner in Tokyo Disneyland, and he makes a video about it. And then, Indonesian netizens who watch the video get emotional, in the sense that they adore what the man has done by coming far away from Indonesia to give a ring and propose to his partner.

So, I think that's all for now. If I find another real example where the word [baper] is used, Insha Allah, I will update this again. Thank you for reading my article, and I'll talk to you soon. Bye now.