Aku Meaning In Indonesian

Meaning of Buruan In Indonesian

Halo semuanya, ketemu lagi dengan saya, Iman Prabawa. This time, we will talk about the meaning of the word [buruan] in the Indonesian language. As usual, we will watch movie scenes where the word [buruan] is spoken.

Meaning of Buruan In Indonesian Language

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Buruan In The Indonesian Language

[Buruan] can have many meanings based on the context. 

The first meaning of [buruan] is an animal hunted by another animal, or in English, usually called prey. Let's look at the headline from a news website I just screenshotted for an example sentence for this.

Buruan Example Sentence 01

As we can see from the picture above, it is written,
Jenis-jenis hewan buruan di darat dan di pohon. (Types of prey on the land and the trees.)
In this example sentence, [buruan] collocates with [hewan]. [Hewan buruan] means animals that are being hunted by humans.

Below is the audio version of the example sentence above.

The second meaning of [buruan] is a criminal the police are looking to arrest. Let's look at the picture below that I took from a headline of an article on a website for an example sentence for this.

Buruan Example Sentence 02

As we can see from the picture above, it is written,
Kasus kekerasan BPR Solo, 4 pelaku masuk daftar buruan polisi. (Violence case in BPR Solo, four perpetrators are on the police wanted list.) 
Here is the audio version of the example sentence.

The third meaning of [buruan] is to hurry up or to finish something immediately. Another synonym for this is [cepetan]. You can read the article here, Cepetan Meaning In Indonesian.

Let's see the picture below for an example sentence for this.

Buruan Example Sentence 03

As we can see from the picture above, it is written.,
Buruan kirim lamaran pekerjaan, Google Indonesia lagi buka banyak lowongan. (Hurry up send your job application! Google Indonesia is opening many vacancies.)
[Buruan] in this sentence means to hurry up. Below is the audio version of the example sentence.

Next, we will learn how to pronounce the word [buruan].

How to Pronounce Buruan

Let's hear how to pronounce [buruan] in the video below.

Next, we will watch scenes from movies where the word [buruan] is spoken.

Buruan In Movie Scenes

The first clip you are about to watch is taken from a movie called Tempe Mendoan Bumbu Cinta (2017).

Let's watch the clip down below.

The conversation in the scene with English translations is as follows.

Elsa: Ayo, buruan! (Come on. Hurry up!)

Marvin: Ih! Sabar kenapa sih? Loe kenapa sih marah-marah terus dari tadi? (Hey, why don’t you be patient a bit? Why are you angry all the time?)

Elsa: Iya, iya, tapi gue udah ditungguin sama bos gue. Lo lama sih! (Okay, but my boss have been waiting for me. You took too long!)

Marvin: Iya, santai aja! Ngga usah pake marah-marah. (Hey, chill out! No need to be angry.)

Elsa: Ah! Yuk, buruan! Cepet ah! (Hey! Come on. Let's go!)

Marvin: Iye, ntar dulu. (I know, just a sec.)

Elsa: Udah ngga usah diangkat! (Just don't pick up the phone!)

Marvin: Bentar! Ini siapa tahu penting. Halo, sayang. (Hold on! Maybe this is an important call. Hello, honey.)

[Buruan] in this scene means [to hurry up]. In the scene, Elsa says [buruan] to Marvin because her boss has been waiting for her in the office, so she needs to be in a rush.

Vocabulary From the Scene

[Sabar] = [to be patient].

[Loe] is informal for [Anda] = you. For more about this, you can read my article, Loe Meaning In the Indonesian Language.

[Marah] = to be angry.

[Ditungguin] comes from the base word [tunggu], which means [to wait]. [Ditungguin], in this case, is in a passive voice, which means that she has been waited by someone. Someone, in this case, is Elsa's boss.

[Ntar] is short for [sebentar]. [Ntar], in this case, is used to ask someone to wait for a moment. [Bentar] is also short for [sebentar].

[Diangkat] in literal meaning means being lifted up, but in this case, [diangkat] means to pick up the phone because, as you can see from the scene, Marvin's phone was ringing. Someone was calling him. And then the woman said to Marvin to not pick up the phone.

The second clip we are about to watch is taken from Keluarga Cemara The Series, Season 1, Episode 1 (2022). Let's watch the clip below.

Below is the conversation from the scene with English translations.

Ima’s Mother: Ima! Udah mau setengah tujuh. Buruan mandinya! Jangan nyanyi terus atuh nanti telat! (Ima! It's almost 6.30. You better hurry up! Don't sing all the time, or you'll be late!)

Ima: Iya, bu. (Okay, mom.)

In this scene, Ima's mother asks Ima to finish her bath immediately, or she'll be late for school. So, [buruan], in this context, refers to the third meaning of [buruan] that we discussed earlier.

Vocabulary From the Scene

[Udah] is short for [sudah] = already. In conversational Indonesian, it's common that you hear Indonesian people say [udah] instead of [sudah]. [Sudah] is more formal.

[Mandi] = take a bath.

[Jangan] = don't.

[Nyanyi] in this context is a shortened version of [bernyanyi] = to sing. In daily conversation, it's common to hear Indonesian people drop syllables when speaking.

[Atuh] comes from the Sundanese language. It has the same meaning as [dong] in Indonesian. [Atuh] and [dong] have no meaning. They fall into the category of phatic expressions.

[Telat] = late.

So, that's all for now. If you have any questions, just post them in the comment section below, and I'll be happy to answer them. Thank you and bye now.