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Pake Nanya Segala Meaning In Bahasa

Halo semuanya. Apa kabar? Ketemu lagi sama saya, Iman Prabawa. In this article, I want to talk to you about the meaning of the phrase [pake nanya segala] in the Indonesian language. As always, we will watch examples from movies where this phrase is spoken by the Indonesian people.

Pake Nanya Segala Meaning In Bahasa

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So, without further ado, let's jump right in.  

Meaning of Pake Nanya Segala In the Indonesian Language

[Pake nanya segala] is usually said to someone who asks a question, and the answer is very obvious. For example, you and your friend have a plan to go someplace, and then both of you are getting ready. And then your friend asks you this:

Kita jadi berangkat nih? (Are we going?)

The answer is definitely yes because both of you are getting ready to go, right? That's why then you say this to your friend.

Pake nanya segala! Ya iyalah! (Well, duh! Of course.)

And here is how you pronounce those sentences.

So, you can say this phrase to a person who asks a question that the answer is so obvious.

How to Pronounce Pake Nanya Segala

Here is how you pronounce [pake nanya segala] in Bahasa Indonesia.

Next, we will watch examples from movies where this phrase is spoken and learn the vocabulary used in that short scene.

Examples of Pake Nanya Segala in Use

The first scene we are about to watch is taken from a movie, Teka Teki Tika (2021). Let's watch the clip below.

Below is the conversation from the scene above with English translations.

House Maid: Permisi. Makanan sudah siap, pak. Mau makan sekarang, atau? (Excuse me. Dinner is ready, sir. Would you like to eat now, or?)

Mr. Budiman: Ya, langsung lah. Pake nanya segala. (Well, duh! Of course, now.)

House Maid: Ya, baik pak. (Okay, sir.)

In this scene, Mr. Budiman is talking to his sons, and then they want to talk over dinner. That's why when the maid comes to the room and informs Mr. Budiman that dinner is ready and asks whether they want to eat now or later. Mr. Budiman replied to her with this phrase.
Pake nanya segala.
Because the answer is obvious: they are waiting for the food to be served to them. 

Vocabulary From the Scene

[Permisi] is usually used as a polite way when you want to start saying something. For more about this, you can read my article here, Excuse Me In Indonesian.

[Makanan] = food.

[Siap] = ready.

[Pak] = sir. For more about this, you can read my article, Pak In the Indonesian Language.

[Sekarang] = now.

[Ya langsung lah] indicates that something will be executed now.

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So, this is all for now. If I find another example, Insha Allah, I will update this article again. Thank you for reading my article, and I'll see you soon. Bye now.