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Learn Indonesian Through Comics #001

Hello, I'm thinking about teaching you guys all, Bahasa Indonesia, through comics. The language that is used in these comics that we're gonna learn is Indonesian Colloquial language, everyday language that is used in Indonesia. We're gonna learn from a famous comic. This comic is called Juki, and this is a famous one in Indonesia, and we're gonna learn one page at a time. I will also give you an explanation and try to also give you translations in English so that you will understand the meaning. If you want to learn Bahasa Indonesia with me, you can just join my group. You can check it out on the  About Me  page. So let's learn from the first page. Learn Indonesian Through Comics Let's see our first page here. We can see the title is 'Si Juki.' 'Si' here is like the definite article 'the' in English, so it can be translated as 'The Juki.' Next is 'tarkam.' Tarkam is an abbreviation for 'anTAR KAMpung,'