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A Conversation at Nasi Goreng's Food Cart

For the Japanese version, you can CLICK HERE  - Today we are going to learn about Indonesia's Colloquial language through a conversation. This is a conversation between someone who wants to buy Nasi Goreng. Nasi Goreng is a famous cuisine in Indonesia, you can buy it almost anywhere. Usually, the man who sells Nasi Goreng is using food cart that can be dragged by himself and the Nasi Goreng's food cart in Indonesia looks like the photo below that I took using my mobile phone. So that's the kind of food cart of Nasi Goreng in Indonesia.  If you want to learn Bahasa Indonesia with me, you can just join my group. You can check it out on the  About Me  page. Without any further ado let's start our conversation at this Nasi Goreng's food cart. A Conversation at Nasi Goreng's Food Cart  The situation is me who is trying to buy nasi goreng. When I was walking in the night (mostly nasi goreng in Indonesia was sold in the night) I found a Nasi Goreng's foo