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Sebel Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

Halo semuanya. Kalian apa kabar? Today, I'm gonna talk about the meaning of [sebel] in Bahasa Indonesia. We're also going to watch a scene from a famous Indonesian movie, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta, where this word is spoken.

Sebel Meaning In Bahasa Indonesia

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So, let's talk about this.

Sebel In Bahasa Indonesia

Sebel is informal for sebal. The formal word is sebal and if we see it in Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, the meaning of sebal is as follows.

Sebal Meaning

Sebal means,
Kesal (hati); mendongkol (karena kecewa, tidak senang, dan sebagainya.)
If I translate into English it would be.
Feel annoyed, feeling disappointed, not happy with something, angry.
In daily conversation usually, they pronounce it as sebel.

How to Pronounce Sebel

Let's hear first how to pronounce the formal word [sebal] down below.

And now, let's hear how to pronounce [sebel] down below.

Next, let's watch a scene from a movie.

Sebel In Movie Scenes

Let's watch the scene down below.

The conversation in the scene with English translation is as follows.
Cinta: Rese! Kelakuannya udah kaya superstar! Mendingan sekarang aja gue wawancara, Dutanya Sheila On 7 kek, Oncenya Dewa kek. Gila, ya! Nyebelin banget, tahu ngga loe? (Dammit! He acted like he was a superstar! I rather now interview Duta from Sheila On 7, Once from Dewa. This is insane! This is making me mad, don't you know that?) 
Alya: Kenapa, Ta? (What's wrong, Ta?) 
Cinta: Tulis, Mil! Cowo yang namanya Rangga adalah cowo yang.. yang.. sombong banget, senga ngga karuan. Belagu banget! Pokoknya jenis cowo yang nyebelin, yang harus kita jauhin. Tulis di buku curhat! (Write it down, Mil! A boy named Rangga is a boy that is very arrogant, annoying. Truly arrogant! An annoyed boy that we need to stay away from. Write it down in the diary book!) 
Milly: Oh, di buku curhat ya, Ta? (Oh, in the diary book, Ta?) 
Maura: Kembali lagi, Mil. (Here you go again, Mil.) 
Milly: Iya, iya. (Okay, okay.) 
Maura: Ta, emangnya loe diapain sih? (What did he do to you, Ta?) 
Karmen: Loe dipegang-pegang Ta ama dia? (Did he do sexual harassment to you?) 
Cinta: Gila loe! Jangan ampe ya gue dipegang-pegang ama dia! (No fucking way! I would have punched him in the face if he had done that!) 
Alya: Ta.. Ta.. Tarik napas dulu, Ta. Biar loe bisa ngomong yang benar. (Ta, you need to take a breath first! So, that you can speak clearly.) 
Cinta: Sebel banget gue! Orangnya itu sok bintang, tahu ngga loe? (I was really upset with him! That man felt like he was a superstar, don't you know that?) 
Milly: Kita lagi ngomongin siapa sih? (Who are we talking about?)

There are two form of sebal here, that are [sebel] and [nyebelin]. Let's talk about this for a second. The first sentence is this.
Nyebelin banget, tahu ngga loe?
This sentence is very informal, and if I change this sentence info formal form, it would be.
Menyebalkan sekali, tahu ngga Anda?
The literal translation for this sentence is,
This is very annoying, don't you know that?
And I translate it into,
This is insane!
You can correct me if my translation sounds weird to you. Just write down in the comment section so that I can learn more about English.

In this scene, Cinta was upset with a boy. She wanted to interview him but he refused her. That's why she was really upset with him.

Let's see the second sentence that contain the word [nyebelin].
Pokoknya, jenis cowo nyebelin yang harus kita jauhin.
If I change this into formal form, it would be like this.
Intinya, jenis pria menyebalkan yang harus kita jauhi.
The literal translation for this is,
The point is, this is the kind of annoyed boy that we need to stay away from.

And the last sentence which contains [sebel] is,
Sebel banget gue!
If I change this into formal form, it would be.
Kesal sekali saya!
The literal translation for this is,
I was really upset!
Next, I'm going to give you three example sentences using the word [sebel] and its other form of sebel.

Example Sentences Using Sebel

Let's see the table down below.

Example Sentences
English Translation
     1.       Loe sebel-sebel sama dia tapi sekarang kangen, gimana sih?
     1.       You said that you hated him, but now you miss him, how could that be?
     2.       Jangan terlalu sebel sama dia, ntar loe jadi suka lho!
     2.       Just don’t hate him too much, you would fall in love with him if you hate him so much.
     3.       Pelayanan di sini menyebalkan sekali!
     3.       The service here sucks!

I think this is a wrap. If you have any questions regarding this topic, just write a comment down below. I'd be happy to answer it. Thank you and I'll talk to you soon. Bye now.